10 Anime Characters Who Wasted Their Potential


Whether they’re part of the main cast or simply written in supporting roles, there’s no denying that some anime characters haven’t been given the resources to reach their full potential. While such shortcomings can be quite subtle, especially if these characters are widely loved by fans, these slight distinctions can make or break a character.

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There are some really unique characters in cartoons that haven’t had any real impact. This unfortunately marks them as less complete than the characters who play a more crucial role in their respective show.

ten Princess Yue didn’t have enough time to shine (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Although Princess Yue is memorable for her kind demeanor and willingness to do whatever it takes to protect her tribe, many fans believe that AvatarThe writers could have done a lot more with her character. Although she received great power from the Moon Spirit as a child, much of the mystique surrounding Yue’s powers is left to viewers’ imaginations as she selflessly sacrifices her form. bodily to become the Moon Spirit at the start of the series.

As a result, many fans wanted more of Yue as a character. Given that so much of her screen time is devoted to her relationship with Sokka, viewers could only wonder what a story arc centering on Yue entering her Moon Spirit powers alone might have looked like.

9 Lars was cast aside just when his character was getting interesting (Steven Universe)

Since there are so many eccentric characters in Steven Universe, it’s only natural that sweet characters like Lars exist to anchor the scenes they share with more bubbly, outgoing characters. As someone who uses his sarcastic wit to mask his insecurities, many fans could easily relate to Lars and began to appreciate him even more as a character as his friendship with Steven blossomed.

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Despite this, he is notoriously absent Steven Universe Future, which many found odd since it was shortly after he took on the intriguing persona of a pink space pirate who likes to cook. It seemed that just as his character took an unpredictable and fascinating turn, Lars was written off as a character and relegated to the background.

8 Fanny Fulbright never got the credit she deserves (codename: Kids Next Door)

Code name: Kids Next Door centers around members of Sector V, Numbuhs 1-5. But another character who plays a central role in the series but is rarely at the center of any given plot is Fanny Fulbright, also known as Numbuh 86. As the head of the downgrade of Kids Next Door, Fanny has a considerable power within the organization and is both respected and feared.

Much of Fanny’s character centers around her ongoing rivalry with Nigel Uno (Numbuh 1), the leader of Sector V, since he was also up for his current position. Because of this, Fanny is mostly presented as a thorn in Nigel’s side and little screen time is spent demonstrating her tactical skills as a leader.

seven Schnitzel was limited by his complete lack of vocabulary (Chowder)

chowders Schnitzel is perhaps best compared to Squidward’s Sponge Bob SquarePants, whose sardonic responses highlight the absurdity of each episode’s unbridled silliness. However, unlike Squidward, Schnitzel is only able to say one word, “radda”.

Little is established about Schnitzel as a character aside from his constant disapproval of Chowder and Mung Daal’s antics and his romantic disinterest in Mrs. Endive. As a result, Schnitzel is a fairly flat character and is only loved by fans due to his soothing voice and refreshing poise.

6 Wither has too often been treated as a doormat (Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends)

Recognized as the pacifist and good-hearted giant of the group, Wilt quickly left an impression on viewers by magnanimously welcoming a despondent Bloo into his group of friends in the Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends pilot episode. Along with ensuring that Bloo’s stay with Foster is as pleasant as possible, Wilt often sacrifices his own happiness for the happiness of others as he constantly seeks to please.

While there are distinct moments in the series where Wilt stands up for himself when people take advantage of his kindness, those moments are rare. Since his generosity is a core aspect of his character, little space is given to viewers to see another side of Wilt, which ultimately flattens him as a character.

5 Baljeet should have been more than a nerdy victim of bullying (Phineas and Ferb)

As a kind-hearted young child who strives for perfection in everything he does, Baljeet was extremely close to viewers who grew up watching Phineas and Ferb. While Baljeet plays a crucial role throughout the series offering insightful commentary that affects the brothers’ summer plans, a considerable amount of Baljeet’s screen time is spent on him getting bullied by Buford.

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Even though Baljeet and Buford’s relationship contains a hint of friendship, the fact that a bully-victim dynamic plays such a central role in a children’s cartoon is concerning and arguably makes these relationships glamorous. Plus, such moments needlessly turn the endearing Baljeet into a helpless victim for superficial comic relief.

4 Pacifica Northwest Character Arc Left Fans Wanting More (Gravity Falls)

Compared to others Gravity Falls characters, Pacifica Northwest’s trajectory throughout the series is one of the most compelling. Initially a stalwart rival to Mabel who humiliated her whenever the opportunity presented itself, Pacifica gradually comes to terms with her rude queen bee ways and strives to befriend the Pine siblings later in the series. .

Despite this change in her character, however, Pacifica’s comments maintain the snobbish and sarcastic undertone that defined her interactions with Mabel in Season 1. Although fans weren’t expecting a drastic change in Pacifica’s character, a full turn could have made his character more likable and his character arc even more interesting.

3 Pearl could have been so much more than a mother figure (Steven Universe)

Through Steven Universe, Pearl is best known for her motherly presence in Steven’s life as she constantly watches over him, especially as he begins to gain his gem powers. Pearl is also notable as a character due to her former allegiance to Pink Diamond, better known to fans as Rose Quartz and Steven’s mother.

Despite these fascinating connections, much of Pearl’s inner turmoil is kept bottled up, and viewers don’t learn of her complex motivations until later in the series. As a result, Pearl has no time to shine, leaving fans to speculate about Pearl’s fascinating relationships with Rose Quartz, Bismuth, and the Mystery Girl who flirts with Pearl in Season 4, Episode 6, “Last One Out of Beach. City.”

2 Raven is widely misunderstood by fans who have never read the comics (Teen Titans)

As a key member of the Teen Titans and one of the team’s strongest members, fans have come to love Raven for so much more than her dark, mysterious vibe. However, the television adaptation of Teen Titans understandably leaves out substantial details about Raven’s character that add to her nuanced and immensely dynamic character.

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For example, fans who only watched the Teen Titanscartoon were completely unaware of Raven’s abundance of powers, ranging from the ability to time travel to the ability to read opponents’ minds and use their own thoughts against them. Because of this, people who have never read the comics are sadly unaware of Raven’s myriad abilities in her arsenal.

1 David’s lack of people skills flattened his character (Lilo & Stitch)

Although David has a minimal role in the Lilo & Stitch franchise, many viewers came to love her for her abundant kindness and continued respect for Nani after she turned him down in the first Lilo & Stitch film. Throughout the Lilo & Stitch movies and TV series, David is always there for Nani and Lilo in times of stress as an essential support system.

However, David lacks the depth that other characters on the show have due to his limited relationships. He is only seen as Nani’s potential love interest and only appears in bigger projects like Lilo & Stitch: The Series fleetingly.

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