10 Best Harley Quinn Animated Series Characters


HBO harley quinn The animated series follows the popular anti-hero as she tries to make a name for herself as a villain, following her breakup with Joker. Being an infamous name in Gotham City, Harley crosses paths with many quirky and interesting characters throughout the show.

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With the first episode of Season 3 releasing on July 28, fans of the show will meet some new personalities as the season progresses. While some characters may prove to be allies and adversaries of others, each character that crosses the show leaves their mark on Harley and her band of budding villains.

ten Nightwing is a hilarious addition

Voiced by Harvey Guillén, known for his role in What we do in the shadows Dick Grayson as Nightwing is perhaps the best new addition to harley quinn season three. The series portrays Grayson as an emotional, dramatic, and headstrong character who wants to prove he’s a better hero than anyone else.

However, Nightwing quickly learns the importance of being a member of the team, partnering with Batman and the Bat-Family. Teaming up with Batman, Batgirl, and Robin, the team has the potential to be powerful adversaries for Harley, her crew, or any other villain out to terrorize Gotham.

9 Kite Man is understanding and kind

Kite Man is just about the most unlikely villain imaginable. However, he is desperate to be recognized as someone of value. He initially exhibits immature behavior, cracking childish jokes and making inappropriate comments. However, Kiteman’s relationship with Ivy leads him to work to be a better man.

Although his relationship with Ivy is rocky at best, he constantly reassures her of his love for her and forgives her for her mistakes, even to her detriment. When Ivy’s feelings for Harley become clear, Kite Man puts Ivy’s interests first. Calling off their marriage, he sets her free so she can finally realize who she wants to be with.

8 The queen of fables makes a good impression

Although she only made four appearances on the show, the queen of fables has turned into a hilarious and memorable character. She may seem charming and funny, traits that draw Harley to her, but she shows her true colors. The queen has no problem mass murdering entire groups of people and feels no remorse for any of her actions, no matter how unjust.

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While Harley and the Queen initially seem like they could be great friends, with the two bonding over Tinder and being mean women, Harley quickly comes to her senses. Despite being a villain, Harley will never mercilessly kill innocent people like the Queen of Fables.

seven Commissioner Gordon is a chaotic officer

Commissioner Jim Gordon takes his role with the Gotham City Police Department very seriously. Unfortunately for him, he’s not very good at his job and it takes a huge toll on his confidence and personal life.

Leaning heavily on Batman’s help, Gorden calls on him to help defeat Gotham’s villains but also to discuss his failed marriage and relationship with his daughter Barbara. While trying to do his best for his city, Gordon isn’t always kind to the people of Gotham. He even exhibits manipulative and villainous traits that rival those of Harley’s crew and the Legion of Doom.

6 Frank is Ivy’s supportive plant companion

Frank is a giant Venus flytrap and Ivy’s companion for over 20 years. Tasked with keeping her home and plants intact while she’s in Arkham Asylum, Frank prefers to spend her time eating visitors and smoking cannabis.

Frank is sarcastic, rude, and often heard backtracking on anything Ivy says. Frank also displays dramatic tendencies, often being hurt whether he is left out of missions or unused as part of Harley’s crew. However, he is equally dramatic when he shows his love for Ivy and her friends.

5 The Joker is more infamous than ever

The Joker’s film and TV appearances abound. However, harley quinn‘s Joker has become perhaps one of the funniest and most multifaceted. Joker proves his lack of compassion or care for anyone when he tricks Harley into taking the fall for him in the first episode.

Therefore, it’s incredibly satisfying to see Harley leave him. Over the seasons, Joker has maintained his classic battle against Batman, while trying to get Harley back for humiliating him. However, he was also shown letting go of his villainous past and finding love, settling into family life.

4 Clayface is a performer

Clayface is perhaps one of DC’s weirdest villains, and his portrayal in harley quinn is no different. Clayface joins Harley’s crew, providing the ability to shapeshift and become many distinct characters. Due to his skills, he is a useful member of the team. However, he wishes to pursue a career as a performer, often throwing himself into songs or performing pretentious monologues.

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Clayface spends a lot of his screen time trying to prove his acting abilities, even auditioning for James Gunn in season three. His talents lie outside of the entertainment industry, however, and it might be best for him to stick to the villainy in Gotham City.

3 Bane delivers great comedic moments

Bane is a hilarious villain and steals the show in every scene he appears in. Following his previous performances in film and television, harley quinn‘s Bane is somewhat of a parody, which gives his character plenty of hilarious moments. A member of the Legion of Doom, Bane loves explosives and blowing up anyone who gets in his way.

However, Bane also comes across as something of a fool who is easily outwitted and fails to plan his villainous exploits. As Harley confronts Bane on several occasions, the two seem to get along with neither posing a threat to the other.

2 Harley is a brilliant track

Watching Harley Quinn leave the Joker behind and become her own person is always satisfying to watch. However, harley quinn allows for an in-depth exploration of the idea of ​​Harley becoming a villain in her own right. Harley is infamous throughout Gotham for causing mayhem, but she’s never a real villain.

Although initially unsuccessful, Harley does her best to be a good friend to her crew and a good partner to Ivy. He is a multi-faceted character and viewers can’t help but love him.

1 Ivy is a great friend and love interest

Poison Ivy proves time and time again just how great she is, both on her own and in her relationships. Passionate about saving the planet and protecting its plant life, Ivy may not have the traditional motivations of a villain. However, she is strong, committed to her cause, and will do whatever it takes to defeat her enemies.

Along with her passion for the environment, Ivy is a kind and compassionate person who always puts herself first for her friends. Acknowledging her growing feelings for Harley, she feels bad about what it means for her relationship with Kite Man and extends their engagement. One of Ivy’s only flaws is her desire to keep people happy, often causing more drama than she could ever expect.

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