10 Cartoon Characters With The Best Fashion Sense


Fashion icons in cartoons are not common. Cartoon aesthetics mean that the characters mostly wear the same clothes. When the characters almost always wear the same clothes, it’s hard to be fashionable. However, a character’s confidence can add sparkle to their wardrobe.

RELATED: Top 10 Anime Characters With The Weirdest Fashion SenseSome of the fashion appeal comes from animation styles and stories. There are a few obvious contenders for the track while others are an acquired taste. Every once in a while there is an outfit change which is by far amazing. It may depend on luck or amazing taste and skill, but only a few cartoons are really trending.

ten Bratz have different favorite looks

Far from being the edgy alternative to Barbie, Bratz have their own distinctive appearance. Some parents don’t approve of their influence, but they are teenagers after all. Living in a place called Stylesville and running a teen magazine is no small feat for the four friends.

Sasha, Jade, Yasmin and Cloe all have particular tastes in clothing. Sasha is a fan of streetwear with accessories like beanies. She likes clothes that make it easier to dance. Also known as Kool Kat, Jade follows trends and sets them. She looks for unique looks and pulls them off. Yasmin isn’t afraid to lean into her bohemian aesthetic. She loves earthy tones and mixing fashions from different eras. Cloe loves sparkly clothes, animal prints and unorthodox accessories. The variety makes the Bratz successful brand.

9 Cruella De Vil is willing to kill for fashion

Cruella De Vil is one of Disney’s most recognizable cartoon villains. Although she is a wealthy fashion designer, De Vil’s love for clothes is tied to her cruelty. His surprisingly dark purpose in 101 Dalmatians is to satisfy his thirst for fur coats by murdering puppies.

RELATED: 10 Times Disney Villains Went Too FarCruella’s signature look is a dichromatic pattern, so contrast is her dominant theme. Her hair is half white and half black. Her black dress is paired with a cream colored fur coat with a red inner lining. Red heels tie her turquoise earrings and the ring of her red gloves. Her green eyeshadow and lipstick are bold, but the most extravagant part of Cruella De Vil’s ensemble is her handbag with three foxtails.

8 Daria is an effortless trailblazer

The titular character of Darya, Daria Morgendorffer is a cynical and intellectual teenager. Daria denounces her sister’s conformity and superficial interests. In her own words, she hates fashion, so Daria is a reluctant fashionista at best.

Daria’s green coat and black pleated skirt with black lace-up boots are timeless and chic. His round glasses and his indifferent air add to the freshness of his gaze. In a mock interview with WWD, Daria said “my signature look reflects my belief that you shouldn’t be judged by your clothes” and “my boots send a clear message, ‘I can kick you.’ indeed of an apathetic icon.

seven Edna mode defines avant-garde style

In her world and in reality, Edna Mode is an undisputed fashion genius. She loves The Parrs/The Incredibles and expresses her affection through fashion and high tech. Usually, Edna’s own style is expressed through muted dark colors. Edna knows all about superhero fabrics and designs because she loves a challenge. She refers to her tenure as a super costume expert as designing for the gods.

Edna is an unconventional industry guru. She dislikes models and thinks they are “dumb, spoiled little sticks”. The most revolutionary part of Edna’s fashion philosophy is her adaptability. Superheroes are known for their capes, but for safety reasons, she makes sure the super costumes are practically matched to abilities. and avoid hanging fabric death traps.

6 Dr. Facilier’s style reflects his personality

For someone who has friends on the other side, princess and the frogDr. Facilier is deeply rooted in contemporary style. Her fashion sense is so distinct that it’s as much a part of her character as her undeniable devilish charms.

Dr. Facilier’s clothes evoke cruelty with a bold touch of class. Her top hat is adorned with a purple feather but also a skull with crossbones, reflecting her murderous nature. The Roots Doctor also dons a dark coat and pants and a red headband to match his cummerbund and carries a purple globe cane to emphasize his flashy nature. He embraces his dark and mystical nature and it shows in everything he wears.

5 Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins is subtly defined

The newest addition to The proud family franchise, Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins is a force to be reckoned with. The teenage activist and independent thinker is bold in life, but her clothing choices are subtle.

RELATED: 10 Things Fans Want From The Proud Family: Stronger And Prouder Season 2Maya’s look matches her personality as a person who almost fits in, with just a few of her black braids dyed burgundy. She dresses comfortably and is comfortable in her own skin. She wears a wide range of colors and reads a wide range of books, almost turning her texts into props through her sense of style and sheer willpower.

4 Ms. Bellum has a signature look

The Powerpuff Girls has interesting secondary characters, but most of them are villains. However, the mayor’s secretary, Sara Bellum, is an icon of beauty and intellect who effectively rules Townsville. The series never shows her face, but it makes her costume and bright red hair more memorable.

Like many animated characters, Ms. Bellum basically has a look, but she makes it work. Her figure-hugging outfit and bold combination of red and gold says a lot about her. Even the most arrogant villain is sure to notice her and it doesn’t scare her. Even if they can’t see her face, they will always remember her tight dress.

3 Poison Ivy cleans really well

With the new harley quinn animated series, Poison Ivy has become a much cooler character. Fashion sense is an integral part of her natural appearance. Her mint green skin perfectly complements the leaf green blazer she usually wears.

Ivy’s outfits mostly feature green undertones which look gorgeous with her complexion and red hair. Usually dressed casually, she’s also been known to step up to formal occasions with plant-inspired purple dresses. Her versatile wardrobe proves her sense of style and her nonchalant attitude enhances her everyday outfit.

2 The Fairy Godmother accessorizes herself with her wand

Shrek‘s Fairy Godmother is one of the most famous parodies of an established fairy tale character. She’s obviously not a fashion trendsetter until the end of her movie, Shrek 2. When the Fairy Godmother is at the Far Far Away Ball, she uses her wand to transform her blue dress into a memorable red sequin ball gown.

RELATED: Shrek: 5 Voice Actors Who Nailed Their Roles (& 5 Who Failed)Using magic for fashion takes technique and attention to detail. She also changes her glasses to better match her new look, as she embarks on an unforgettable rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need A Hero.” She’s conceited and selfish, sure, but since she came to play, she’s definitely going to look the part. Compared to its frumpy Disney counterpart, ShrekThe wicked fairy godmother of is a fashionable goddess.

1 Garnet is inherently fashionable

Steven’s universe Animation experiments with different gem sizes, species and fusions. Garnet’s character design itself is remarkably fashionable. As the living embodiment of a queer romantic relationship, she’s always gorgeous. She’s known not only for her two-toned outfit and lavish afro, but also for her wide mirror shades that hide her future-seeing third eye.

Over time, Garnet has demonstrated several different looks. In flashbacks, her original form featured a messy fusion with light blue hair with pink highlights, and it was clear that her look was more grounded in the looks of Ruby and Sapphire, the two gems that fused together to create her. As an alien Gem, Garnet’s appearance changes to match his true nature. She looks strong and strong because that’s who she is and nothing will tear her apart.

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