10 Characters We Hope To See In The Next Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie


Signs point to Marvel Studios assembling the Thunderbolts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we have some ideas about which characters we’d like to see join this potentially villainous team.

There have been many different iterations of the Thunderbolts in the Marvel Universe, including a team of villains posing as heroes that formed when the Avengers disappeared. In the end, they embraced their heroic nature, and the team did a lot of good…well, for a short time, anyway.

We also got a totally wicked take on the team (composed of characters like Bullseye and Venom), not to mention one that was inspired by DC Universe’s Suicide Squad/Task Force X.

Now that it’s finally been confirmed that the Thunderbolts will be assembling in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – with its first members likely to be characters such as US Agent and Yelena Belova – we can’t help but wonder what other heroes and villains might end up joining the ranks of the team.

So the question is, who else could be a Thunderbolt in the MCU? We think you’ll be surprised by these suggestions, so click the “Next” button below to check out our top picks for this unique band…

10. Shock

Shocker has never been one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains, but he’s certainly been a recurring presence in the crawler’s adventures. Two versions of the character were introduced in 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming, with Herman Schultz defeated and alive and well by the time all was said and done. Could he get another chance by joining the Thunderbolts?

It would be a decent use of the character, and there’s precedent in the comics for Spidey’s villains to join the group (Norman Osborn once led the group and Venom was a member).

Seeing Shocker return with a real costume and upgraded weapons could be a lot of fun, and if nothing else, he could be a disposable member of the team retired in no time. Plus, it seems fair to say that Marvel Studios could do a lot more with super talented Bokeem Woodbine.

9. Ghost


Ghost was a fun character to hang out with Ant-Man and the Wasp, but the way things turned out for her was a bit unsatisfying. She wasn’t a real villain, and a throwaway line revealed that Scott Lang was in the Quantum Realm – where he got trapped thanks to the Blip – gathering energy that would help heal her. Was she among those who disappeared, however?

If not, chances are her condition has gotten worse, and she could blame the Avengers for that. Even though Ghost has been healed, the Thunderbolts seem like a natural next step for Ava Starr.

Ghost has a lot of history with the Thunderbolts in the source material, and whether she’s joining them because there’s no other choice or because she’s hoping for revenge on those who let her down in usurping the Avengers, it would be a great place for his story to continue.

8. Echo


Clint Barton became Ronin between the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, but later returned to his Hawkeye persona. The consequences of his actions were addressed in the Hawk Eye series on Disney+, and it looks like the mantle has been pulled back in the MCU, as a result.

Echo’s story will continue, however, and we have no doubt that her series will leave the character in a place where she can step out of the shadows, step out of her criminal past, and become a superhero.

Before we get to that, it’s obviously not impossible for someone like Val to manipulate her into joining a team that we know isn’t as good as she looks. surface. That and the fact that Maya Lopez has such a dark past could be a strong hint that before becoming an Avenger, Echo will go from gangster to anti-hero as a member of this Thunderbolts team.

7. Abomination


Following its introduction in 2008 The Incredible HulkAbomination just disappeared (with only a throwaway mention of him behind bars coming our way Agents of SHIELD).

After an appearance in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringswe know that Tim Roth will reprise the role in She-Hulk, and that just might set the stage for his recruitment to the Thunderbolts. Assuming Emil Blonsky is reformed there, then this former villain – who has faced The Hulk before could be exactly what Val is looking for in terms of power – would be a great addition.

After the death of William Hurt, we assume that this team will be named after his character. This means there is no Red Hulk, which makes Abomination even more likely to be used.

6. The yellow vest


Yes, we know Yellowjacket met its rather gruesome end in 2015. The ant Man, but we’re not talking about Darren Cross here. Remember that dangling plot thread about Mitchell Carson (who tried to buy the Yellowjacket armor for HYDRA) getting away with Pym Particles?

That might finally be resolved in this Thunderbolts movie, with a new character taking on that moniker and making good use of Hank Pym’s size-changing technology and formula.

Rita DeMara, the second character to go by the codename Yellowjacket, is a strong possibility. She debuted as a supervillain in the source material and later became a hero. It sure sounds like a character arc that would fit well into that traditional version of the Thunderbolts, huh? As for Cross, it is rumored that he could become MODOK in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

5. Luke Cage


Marvel Studios scooped up the rights to the characters that appeared on Netflix and left Luke Cage on the shelf…well, it’s fair to say that would be a major mistake. While his series has only really touched on the impact Harlem’s greatest hero can have, a diverse creative team could give Power Man a fresh coat of paint and make him an integral part of this shared world.

We’d be happy to see Mike Colter reprise the role, though it might be best to skip that bizarre Season 2 twist and start from scratch with a soft reboot. Alternatively, the fact that he decided to rule Harlem as a crime lord could be a decision that leads him to join the Thunderbolts. In the comics, he even led the team in an effort to help reform a group of criminals.

Either way, there’s potential here to make Luke Cage the big (or small) screen hero he deserves to be.

4. Baron Zemo


After the way things went in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we really hope Marvel Studios sticks with Baron Zemo’s new anti-hero character. He’s a likeable character and with a lot of depth, something that was evident even after Captain America: Civil War.

Whether Zemo leads his own team of villains posing as heroes – or anti-heroes – we’d love to see the sword-wielding villain lead his own team of new and improved “Avengers.”

Zemo is a character with unlimited potential in the MCU going forward, and the Thunderbolts would be a good progression for him. Yes, he hates the Avengers and Super Soldiers, but with an ego as big as he has, wouldn’t it make perfect sense for the villain to form his own group of do-gooders.

3. View


Following the events of Wanda Visioneveryone wonders what’s next for “White Vision”.

After regaining his memories, the android flew off into the unknown, not even bothering to check on Wanda Maximoff. Obviously, this is a very different vision, and one who may remember his past (but probably has no emotion thanks to the loss of the Time Stone). So, after being an Avenger, why not have him serve as a Thunderbolt? If he has a harder side, then it’s definitely possible.

We’d love to see what a cold, calculated version of Vision would bring to a team like this, and it would be great to have a familiar face. Many fans are convinced that he will be part of the Armor Wars upcoming series on Disney+, so that may be what sets the stage for him to join this team.

2. Songbird


Songbird is a founding member of the original Thunderbolts and was once a villain named Screaming Mimi. Set photos showed her and her former crew (The Grapplers) being part of The Falcon and the Winter Soldierso there may already be plans for Melissa Gold.

We’re sure plenty of familiar faces from the comics will be on the MCU team – including Atlas and Moonstone – but if they only have to choose one, then it should probably be Songbird.

She has an intriguing power set and is a character that would bring a lot to the MCU as a hero or villain. As one of the only true heroes on the Thunderbolts team, his dynamic with Zemo would be fascinating to watch (especially if he doesn’t do any good while on this team).

1. Bubble


We saw Charlie Cox reprise the role of Matt Murdock/Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Coming Homeright after Vincent D’Onofrio played against Wilson Fisk again in Hawk Eye. This should set the stage for future stories, and Marvel Studios could make excellent use of one of Man Without Fear’s greatest foes in Team Thunderbolts.

When Norman Osborn was in charge of the group, he used The Kingpin’s old assassin to great effect and eventually had him impersonate the new Hawkeye when he created the Dark Avengers.

Something similar could definitely play out here, whether a big bad like Osborn is pulling the strings or Marvel Studios is heading down the Task Force X-style route. After reintroducing us to Bullseye as part of this team, the setting could have him ready to later target Daredevil, reigniting their iconic rivalry.


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