10 Characters Who Would Be Perfect For Their Own Animated Series


One of the last installments of the MCU, I am Groot, shows how successful animated stories can be. Although the series of tales is understandably short, it is utterly delightful and is something fairly new to the franchise. It also marks a milestone in the evolution of the MCU, as more anime series are in the works.

Along with the second season of What if…?there is Marvel Zombies and Spider-Man: Year One one to look forward to – although it was recently revealed that the latter is merely adjacent to the MCU rather than part of the main continuity as originally pitched. Honestly, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn even more anime shows in development because it’s a medium that always works well for those kinds of stories. If so, these characters and teams would be a great fit for such projects.

howard the duck

One of the best options for a solo anime series might be Howard the Duck. After cameos in the guardians of the galaxy films, it was featured periodically throughout What if…? and this may be the best place for him. He’s a weird character, but if they can make a grumpy raccoon a fan favorite, surely it can do the same for a sarcastic duck.

Whether it’s a feature film or a series of short films like I am Groot, a project for Howard the Duck would allow for amusing commentary and satire on the MCU itself and could incorporate all sorts of ridiculous supporting characters. Plus, Seth Green could also continue his good work as the voice of Howard.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl is another weird and underrated Marvel character that’s perfect for an animated series. She actually intended to join the MCU a while back in misfortune New Warriors live action show, played by Milana Vayntrub – but it obviously never went anywhere and given the time it was supposed to arrive it probably wouldn’t have been connected to the franchise like the Disney series + did it.

An animated series could be a great way to acclimate a casual, oblivious audience to Squirrel Girl before bringing her into live-action. There are plenty of storylines to adapt from the comics, and it could play Vayntrub again as she continues to voice the character in other projects, such as the marvel rising series of short films.

pet avengers

Whereas DC League of Super Pets establishes a franchise in theaters, Marvel may feature its own team of Super-Pets, the Pet Avengers in an animated series on Disney+. This would probably require the introduction of popular animals like Lockjaw, Lockheed, Zabu, and Redwing. Luckily, though, he could also incorporate non-team characters from the comics like Goose, Toothgnasher, Toothgrinder, and Cosmo the Spacedog.

They would also be a good choice for a I am Groot series of shorts, but it would definitely be worth experiencing a fleshed out story. Their comic book origin is tied to the Infinity Stones, so since the MCU has largely moved away from them, perhaps a Pet Avengers series would result in multiversal adventures.

Strange Academy

This year Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ended with America Chavez becoming a student at Kamar-Taj, learning to hone her magical abilities. This could perfectly set up an anime series adapting the Strange Academy the comics are only a few years old. Essentially, Doctor Strange establishes a formal school to teach young magical beings. At this point in the MCU, however, it would likely be Sorcerer Supreme Wong leading the academy.

This could incorporate characters like Dormammu’s son Doyle and/or Nico Minoru from Runaways as students alongside America. It’s not only a fun excuse for more Wong, but it could add a fresher, more youthful energy to the MCU and allow for artistic exploration of magic and the supernatural.


While the MCU has done some incredible feats in elevating B-list or C-list heroes, there are still characters deemed too weird or complicated for live-action. One such character is Gwenpool, the bizarre amalgamation of Deadpool and Gwen Stacy, first created in 2015. Deadpool is adorably irreverent and unconventional, but Gwenpool takes it up a notch, which is why the animation might be where she excels.

Like Howard the Duck, a Gwenpool show could satirize the MCU from the inside out and team up and/or fight almost anyone. She would be able to break the fourth wall – although She-Hulk: Lawyer beats her to the punch in that regard — and being on Disney+ might actually lead to some unexpected crossovers.

Power supply

Television’s accessibility has allowed audiences of all ages to regularly partake in MCU content, though perhaps it’s time for a show specifically aimed at kids. The perfect group for such a series is definitely Power Pack. They are a team of four young siblings – Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie – who receive powers from a dying alien.

Importantly, a Power supply The show would still not shy away from tackling mature topics and could also involve other young heroes like Moon Girl, the Young Avengers, and/or Franklin and Valeria Richards. Part of the appeal is that it wouldn’t need to be a massive series, but it might develop Powers’ kids enough to make it into live-action.


Anime shows are great for characters whose designs and powers might be too confusing or complicated for the live-action side of things. This is the case of Aaron Stack aka Machine Man. He’s an android like Ultron and Vision, but functions more like Inspector Gadget, transforming into all sorts of weapons and machines – something that would more easily translate to full animation.

Although he’s been around since 1977, he’s still a pretty obscure hero, but this kind of show could help him gain recognition and popularity. It could also allow other robotic characters ranging from Life Model Decoys to Jocasta and even Ultron again to feature as well.

Spider Punk

There is hope with Spider-Man: Year One that more Spider-Man related content will be able to happen in the MCU despite the complicated contract with Sony. Among the many industry-worthy characters who could do well with an animated series is Hobie Brown aka Spider-Punk. There are fun variations of Spider-Man, but he’s something special – which is why he could be featured in Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse.

Spider-Punk would be yet another character that could do well with a full show or series of shorts. What would set it apart is the music as that should be an important stylistic element. It will be interesting to see if that ever materializes.


An alternate character who would incorporate music in a percussive way is Dazzler. His powers literally allow him to turn sound and music into powerful blasts of light and energy, which could create some very interesting animation. As a mutant, she is part of the X-Men and her introduction depends on theirs.

When they finally make their way into the MCU, let’s hope Dazzler can take center stage. More likely, however, is currently that Dazzler would play a larger role in X-Men ’97Following X-Men: The Animated Series coming to Disney+ in fall 2023.

Marvel Monkeys

Another ridiculous series that could follow the Marvel Zombies the trajectory is Marvel Monkeys. As the name suggests, in this universe everyone is a primate and the first superhero team is the Ape-Avengers. As Marvel Zombies it would be best to try a show like this in a single episode format in What if…?, but it might oddly have what it takes to be a sight to watch.

The show could go beyond what was done in the comics and integrate the characters made popular since its publication like Ms. Marvel or Ironheart. Also, this could be a way to have Hit-Monkey functionality in the MCU and/or lead to a crossover between Marvel Monkeys and Marvel Zombies like in the comics.

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