10 Comic Book Characters That Should Appear In Season 5


young justice just finished its fourth season, subtitled Ghosts. In keeping with tradition, it ironed out most of the details of the season’s major storylines while setting the stage for a potential Season 5 by leaving things open.

It’s still unclear if the show will return — indeed, HBO Max is notoriously secretive with its viewership numbers, making renewals hard to predict. However, it still has plenty of stories to tell and characters to explore. Indeed, several actors of the comic strip remain absent from young justiceand they have to be part of the show if it returns for a fifth season.

Red Riding Hood

Red Hood in front of his arsenal in the comic book Batman Under The Red Hood

Jason Todd was present in the young justice universe since Season 3, but he still hasn’t made a full appearance as Red Hood. He remains in the service of Ra’s al Ghul, seemingly brainwashed and protecting The Great One. Jason crossed paths with Nightwing and even fought him, briefly recognizing him.


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Many fans were hoping Red Hood would debut during Dick’s arc in Ghosts. Alas, Dick’s arc was more about Superboy and the Kryptonians than Flying Grayson himself. Season 5 has to be his moment to shine, and if the show doesn’t feature him in a bigger role, fans are likely going to revolt.

gold booster

Silly, selfish, but ultimately generous, Booster Gold is one of the most underrated members of DC Comics’ Justice League. He loves the attention that comes with being a superhero but still takes his duties seriously, and his friendship with the second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, is one of the best in comics.

young justice had Ted Kord die between seasons 1 and 2, passing his mantle to Jaime Reyes. The show could feature Booster Gold as a mentor for Jaime, or maybe just a friend. Booster is a great character due to his malleability; he could easily adapt to many situations and improve them with his charm.


Daughter of Grail Darkseid

Darkseid is not only one of Superman’s most powerful villains, but one of DC Comics’ most powerful beings. The new god of Apokolips has a daughter in the comics, Grail, prophesied to become a being of great destruction. She is the fruit of the union between Darkseid and the Amazonian Myrina, born at the same time as Wonder Woman.

The Anti-God plays a leading role in young justice, pulling the strings behind the scenes. Its agents acted as the main antagonists of foreigners, so Grail already being on Earth is very plausible. Grail could serve as the main villain of Season 5, having enough power to take on the team on their own.

black adam

An image of Black Adam in DC Comics

Villain-turned-anti-hero Black Adam has a storied comic book history. Despite being Shazam’s nemesis and the Shazam Family’s most prominent villain, Black Adam often acts selflessly, seeking justice for those who wouldn’t otherwise get it.

Shazam has made numerous appearances in young justicewhere he is a trusted member of the Justice League although his secret became widely known by the end of Season 1. Ghosts hints that Mary Bromfield could turn the wrong way, so it would make perfect sense that she would seek out Black Adam, setting the stage for his debut.

John Constantine

Supernatural detective John Constantine has become increasingly popular in recent years. The chain-smoking Hellblazer is one of DC’s most complex characters, known for his deadpan attitude and cunning.

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Zatanna is one of young justiceand its supernatural corner keeps increasing. Ghosts introduced Madame Xanadu, Etrigan, and the Phantom Stranger, paving the way for a potential Justice League Dark team in Season 5 and providing the perfect opportunity to introduce Constantine.


Man Bat hovering over an entrance.

The Dark Knight has a famous rogues gallery, but Man-Bat might be the most underrated of Batman villains. Like most of the Caped Crusader’s other rivals, Man-Bat has a tragic history that makes him somewhat likable, and future issues explore his tortured psyche, effectively turning him into an anti-hero.

Clayface and Mad Hatter are among the thieves already present in young justice. Still, a character like Man-Bat would bring a lot of flair to the show and give poor Tim Drake – who was sidelined for most of Season 3 and didn’t even appear in Season 4 – a chance to shine.

Star sapphire

Star Sapphire preparing for battle.

Star Sapphire is one of the DC villains that deserves an origin story in film or TV. Several characters have used the Star Sapphire moniker over the years, but the most famous remains Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan’s former love interest, who becomes one of his most recurring adversaries.

The Green Lantern Corps received considerable attention during the Rocket arc in Ghosts, and Hal, Guy, and John are already part of the Justice League. Introducing Star Sapphire could be a great way to expand the Lantern’s corner on Earth-16 while introducing another incredible female character to the series mythos.

Gotham City Sirens

Individually, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn are three of the best DC Comics characters of all time. Together they form one of the funniest and most menacing teams of all time, the Gotham City Sirens. Not entirely bad but far from good, mermaids are selfish and ambitious, which makes them incredibly compelling.

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The bat family plays an important role in young justice, but few Batman villains appear in the series. Introducing Gotham City Sirens would make for a fun team up between Artemis’ team – Barbara, Orphan, Onyx, Spoiler, Will, and Roy. It would also add significant panache to the show; Kaley Cuoco and Lake Bell might even voice Harley and Ivy, considering harley quinn is also an HBO Max exclusive.

star fire

Princess Tamaran Koriand’r, better known as the superhero Starfire, is the de facto leader of the Teen Titans. Famous for her fiery and highly emotional demeanor, Starfire wields immense power and a heightened sense of empathy which inspired her to help others.

Starfire is also famous for her complicated romance with Dick Grayson, and fans remain divided on who Nightwing’s true love is: Starfire or Batgirl. young justice shows Dick in a relationship with Barbara, but the introduction of Starfire could allow for some much-needed personal drama.


Talon prepares to attack in DC Comics.

The Court of Owls are arguably the best villainous group introduced during the New 52. A secretive crime group with deep ties to Gotham City, the Court of Owls employs highly skilled assassins named Talons, including rear-guard William Cobb. Dick Grayson’s grandfather.

Cobb’s relationship with Dick would provide a perfect setup for a Season 5 storyline involving the Court of Owls and the Bat-Family. Dick was sidelined Ghostsand featuring the Court of Owls would be the perfect way to bring it back into the spotlight.

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