10 Coolest MCU Villains, Ranked


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is populated by various costumed superheroes and villains pulled straight from the original Marvel comics. Some of them are more beautiful than ever. Some Marvel characters were pretty cool and popular, but others didn’t become cool and mainstream until the MCU reinvented them and brought them to life with skilled actors.

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This is also the case for a handful of outstanding MCU villains. Some MCU enemies are forgettable, bland, or distinctly uncool, like sleazy Justin Hammer or dark elf Malekith, but other MCU villains come across as super cool characters thanks to their menacing confidence, great dialogue, designs neat costumes and their best action scenes where they show the heroes what true despair looks like. For any MCU movie, a cool villain makes all the difference.

ten Ebony Maw is the villainous Squidward

The mighty Thanos has his own small team of villainous minions, the Black Order. Each member can stand up to the Avengers in mortal combat, though some of them, like the hulking brute Cull Obsidian, are quite forgettable and uncool. Ebony Maw is different, however.

Although compared to a Sponge Bob SquarePantscharacter, Ebony Maw is a pretty cool space wizard who speaks with frightening confidence while battling the Avengers with his magical telekinetic powers. Ebony Maw also has a pretty cool outfit to match.

9 The ego is a living planet

Ego the Celestial is a primordial being with nearly unlimited power, which makes him pretty cool as an MCU villain. But it’s not just a space creature that floats around and kills people with impunity. He’s compelling and cool because he has a sleek human form, and he even enjoys 1980s Earth culture to some degree.

Ego is impressive and approachable as a villain, having grand speeches in some scenes while acting laid back and cool in others, which makes him memorable and well balanced. And as a massive, living planet with a face, it’s nothing short of awe-inspiring.

8 Xu Wenwu is the real Mandarin

Former Warlord Xu Wenwu is somewhat similar to his MCU villain, Ego. Both are near-immortal powerful fathers who found themselves at war with their respective sons and also had difficult relationships with their sons’ mothers.

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All of this makes Xu Wenwu look pretty cool, and he complements his character with his expert martial arts, stylish outfits, and most importantly, his deadly use of the Ten Rings in battle. When Xu steps forward and releases these rings, it’s an awesome sight, and carnage will soon follow.

seven Ultron is an eccentric but creepy robot villain

Ultron is the main antagonist of 2015s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and while he feels underwhelming compared to Thanos, he’s still a pretty cool MCU villain in his own right. Ultron has a sturdy, hulking robot body with glowing red eyes and a vaguely alien face, and he has cold, sinister dialogue to match.

Ultron was creepy but cool when he quoted Disney characters to describe himself, saying “there are no strings on me. “This cool and deadly robotic monster is free and will stop at nothing to reshape the world according to his grand plans. He is indeed an Avengers-level threat of cold, ruthless steel.

6 Hela is Thor’s warrior older sister.

In 2017 Thor: Ragnarok, a brand new villain has arrived: Odin’s eldest, Hela. She had been sealed away for a time, but when Odin died, she was free to return and wreak havoc in her native Asgard. Even Thor and Loki working together couldn’t take on Hela.

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Hela is a cool, confident villain who strikes fear with her coolly playful demeanor, antler-like helmet, and most importantly, her brutal and ruthless actions as the vicious new queen of Asgard. Hela faced Thor, Hulk, and other heroes with fearsome confidence, and until Surtur destroyed the place, it seemed like no one could stop her.

5 Doctor Octopus’ rampage has only just begun

Doctor Otto Octavius, or Doctor Octopus, was a fan-favorite villain from the first Sam Raimi Spider Man trilogy in the 2000s. Even in 2004, Doc Ock was one of the coolest comic book villains to appear in a live-action movie, and now he’s also one of the coolest villains in the MCU.

Doc Ock is deadly and super cool with four mechanical arms, each with three claws and hidden weapons to defeat Spider-Man. He’s also a ruthless scientist bent on powering NYC with his miniature sun, a project that nearly cost him his life. But as a cool MCU villain, he won’t give up his cutting-edge science just yet.

4 Erik Killmonger shook the entire Wakandan nation

Erik Killmonger was the main antagonist of the hit 2018 film Phase 3 Black Panther, and he certainly had a gift for words. Unlike most MCU villains, Killmonger had a compelling and somewhat sympathetic point to make about Wakanda and its place in the world. And he could back it up with some serious firepower.

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Killmonger really wanted to help all Wakandans and all members of the African Diaspora with his plan, but his plan was too much for the current Black Panther to bear, so they came to blows. Killmonger gave it his best shot and wowed audiences with his cool confidence, impressive collection of trophy scars, and thought-provoking dialogue.

3 Scarlet Witch Makes A Terrifying Enemy

The Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff character started out as a villain in Age of Ultron, then became a redeemed hero fighting for the Avengers against threats such as Thanos and the Black Order. Then she turned to wickedness in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Scarlet Witch was a very cool and scary adversary in this movie. She fought with the rage of a mother separated from her children, tearing apart any wizard or Illuminati member who stood in her way during her adventure of multidimensional destruction. In battle, meanwhile, she’s nearly unstoppable with her deadly magic.

2 Thanos is inevitably cool

The titan Thanos is the culmination of the Infinity Saga, and he blew moviegoers away when he took the stage in 2018 The Avenger: Infinity War. Thanos had already been built as a powerful villain, but even then he exceeded all expectations as a deadly, cool, and memorable supervillain.

Thanos has everything from his deep, intimidating voice and chilling dialogue to his ruthless ambition, not to mention his overwhelming power with the Infinity Gauntlet on his left arm. He is also a capable leader, commanding the Black Order and entire armies of alien warriors in battle.

1 Loki is the unforgettable god of mischief

The god of trickery and mischief, the green-loving Loki, is definitely one of the coolest MCU characters of all and definitely the coolest villain in particular. MCU fans adore absolutely everything about this Asgardian character, from his neat Asgardian outfits and scepters to his unsettling charm as an unpredictable antagonist.

Loki also has some cool dialogue and memorable scenes in the MCU, all fueled by his sharp-tongued sarcasm, vicious mockery, and dry observations of the events unfolding around him. In fact, fans might say he’s too cool for weaker MCU movies like Thor: The Dark World.

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