10 Marvel Characters Whose Powers Made Them Better


What made the happy-go-lucky Marvel superheroes so unique when many of them debuted in the 1960s was their down-to-earth issues and relatively chaotic personalities. Many of them were flawed human beings, just like the readers they were sold to. Doctor Strange was an egomaniac, Mr. Fantastic an obsessive workaholic, and poor little Peter Parker was a nerd.

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Yet despite their quirks and problems, they all rose to the challenge of their individual responsibility to become some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Some of Marvel’s best examples of personal growth come from chance encounters with radiation, magic, and everything in between.

ten Spider-Man learned the weight of responsibility

Peter Parker, especially during his early tales under Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, was written as a petulant, almost incel loner who looked down on the world around him with an anger that read more like a super hero origin story. -naughty than like a superhero tale. However, after becoming Amazing Spider-Man, Peter quickly matured as he came face to face with the kind of consequences his selfish and self-centered feelings would bring. Without that fateful spider bite, young Peter would never have learned that lesson and likely would have become something of a tech venture capitalist rather than one of Earth 616’s greatest champions.

9 Captain America has become a sentinel of freedom

The young and frail Steve Rogers was already a “good man” as Doctor Erskine said Captain America: The First Avenger. However, as the Good Doctor later says, the Super Soldier Serum takes everything it’s given and amplifies it. “Good becomes great; the bad gets worse.”

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With the abilities granted by the serum, Captain Rogers has become not only one of the greatest heroes of the 1940s, but a modern-day leader and champion of all the ideals he holds dear. Good has indeed become great.

8 Iron Man has stopped selling weapons

Ask most people before 2008 Iron Man, and they would be hard pressed to tell you more about the Armored Avenger. Many thought he was a robot rather than a man in an iron suit. However, that all changed after the release of his feature film and the gargantuan cinematic universe that grew out of it.

Now, Tony Stark is a household name, and his transition from greedy arms dealer to superhero futurist is known to all. Stark has become the go-to example of Marvel characters growing as people after gaining their abilities and gadgets, and for good reason.

seven Despite past sins, Wolverine has saved countless lives

At first glance, it may seem that the powers granted to James Howlett due to his mutant gene have caused far more harm than good. Few characters in the Marvel Universe have racked up such a high body count, though, again, living a few more centuries gives Logan a leg up in this contest.

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But it was his work after the trauma of his time in the Weapon X program that led to Logan becoming one of the most authentic heroes in the comic book company’s catalog. With decades spent helping teams like the X-Men, Avengers, and Alpha Flight, he’s more than made up for the red in his ledger.

6 Venom went from shoddy journalist to superhero

Eddie Brock could have spent the rest of his life living paycheck to obscurity. While being stuck in a symbiotic relationship with a black Nickelodeon Gak might at first seem like a terrible resignation for the ex-journalist, it may actually turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. While he spent much of the 90s and early 2000s trying to kill Spider-Man, Venom has had quite the redemption arc lately. While he’s by no means as family friendly as Captain America, he still fights for the less powerful as a lethal protector.

5 Ms. Marvel became what she loved

Young Kamala Khan, like many geeks, was obsessed with the list of Marvel superheroes. However, after her inhuman abilities awakened, she became the adorable new Ms. Marvel. Without these powers, Kamala would never have put her heroic ideals to the test and likely would have remained a fanatical follower of the pantyhose community. Kamala’s personal growth since taking on the mantle of her icon, Carol Danvers, has inspired many comic book fans young and old to not only become like those they idolize, but to become the versions ideal on their own.

4 Doctor Strange was humbled by his journey

Like Tony Stark, Doctor Stephen Strange is another iconic example of Marvel infusing his superhero origins with his character growth. Before the accident that was about to take his hands, the good doctor was immensely selfish. Similar to Stark, it is only after a tragic but humiliating event that Doctor Strange learns to focus on improving himself not only in the mystical arts, but also as a human being. Despite this, few would consider Strange humble, but his adventures have certainly dampened his more narcissistic tendencies.

3 Thor learned humility after Odin enchanted his hammer

Odin, the Allfather, is responsible for the iconic enchantment placed on Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. This was done to humb Thor, as the unbridled arrogance of Odin’s son was likely to cause political and social unrest in Asgard.

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Thor will eventually find his hammer again and, especially after losing it again in the Jane Foster Thor era, has never been so humble and open about his doubts. Donald Blake, whether he exists or not, is really here for the rainbow trick.

2 The Human Torch has become someone truly fantastic

Johnny Storm was the youngest member of Marvel’s First Family, the Fantastic Four. Often described as the little brother to their atomic family dynamic (which made sense considering he’s literally the little brother of FF member Sue Storm), Johnny’s assertiveness and brash attitude caused trouble. to the team as often as she saved them. However, thanks to the cosmic and otherworldly events that have transpired over the course of his career, the young upstart has become a still quite confident but much more nuanced hero.

1 Iron Fist could have been just another rich socialite

Danny Rand has a bad reputation. After the critical failure of his Netflix series, many would be forgiven for thinking of Iron Fist as some sort of lame Batman knockoff. However, comic book fans are well aware that K’un-Lun’s energetic and outgoing defender Danny can be when given the proper treatment.

If it hadn’t been for that fateful day when he lost both parents, Danny might never have become such a loyal hero. Coming from luxury, it was infinitely more likely that he would end up as another wealthy socialite, but thanks to the twist of fate, Danny would become one of the last in the long line of champions.

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