10 Marvel Comics Characters Who Could Be The Villain Of Captain America: New World Order


Recently announced at San Deigo Comic-Con 2022, Captain America: New World Order is the next installment from Marvel Studios Captain America movies. Confirmed to be part of the 5th phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, New world order should be released in early 2024.

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Returning the shield to a new character, New world order will be the first MCU film to feature Sam Wilson as Captain America. Over the years of the MCU, Captain America has amassed a long list of villains. However, given that this is the first movie to feature a new Captain America, it could potentially introduce new villains to the MCU.

ten Sin is the Red Skull Girl

First introduced in Marvel comics in Captain America #290 by J. M. DeMatteis and Ron Frenz, Sin is the daughter of Red Skull, one of Captain America’s first villains. In the MCU, Steve Rogers’ first major villain was Red Skull, as he led the Hydra group against the Allies during World War II.

Doomed to spend eternity as Vormir’s de facto host, we’ll likely never see Red Skull serve as an antagonist in the MCU again. However, the introduction of a new Captain America to the MCU could create an opportunity to introduce Sin. In much the same way that Red Skull was Steve Rogers’ first villain, Sin could do the same for Sam Wilson, continuing Red Skull’s legacy in the MCU.

9 Steve Rogers could return as Captain Hydra

In the Marvel comics, during the “Secret Empire” event, Steve Rogers appeared to switch sides and join Hydra, sinking Captain America’s reputation into the ground. However, later in the event it is revealed that Steve never crossed sides but was replaced by an evil double of himself.

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Although a highly controversial part of Marvel’s “Secret Empire” event, a Hydra-worshipping version of Steve Rogers would likely make for an incredibly compelling villain in New world order. Considering Marvel Studios has officially dubbed the current MCU storyline “The Multiverse Saga,” an evil, multiversal take on Steve Rogers certainly fits the list of potential villains.

8 US Agent is set for an MCU run

First appeared in Marvel comics in Captain America #323 by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary, US Agent is a villain who has temporarily taken over the mantle from Captain America. Introduced to the MCU in the latest episodes of the Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter SoldierUS Agent is perfectly set up to serve as the big bad in the MCU.

With a short arc as Captain America before the shield is given to Sam Wilson, US Agent has a clear motive for revenge against Wilson. Considering Lady Hydra appeared at the end of the show with clear intentions to recruit US agents, it’s more than likely that MCU fans will see her return sooner rather than later.

seven Baron Blood was Captain America’s first enemy of Sam

A living vampire for over a hundred years, Baron Blood made his comic debut in invaders #7 by Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins. Although Baron Blood has a reputation as one of Steve Rogers’ greatest villains, the character also has a long history with Sam Wilson’s Captain America.

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Baron Blood was the first villain Sam Wilson faced after becoming Captain America in The All-New Captain America by Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen. Although Baron Blood has yet to appear in the MCU, his extensive relationship with Baron Zemo – a well-established villain in the MCU – could serve as a fast track to Baron Blood being the Sam Wilson iteration of Captain’s first solo villain. America.

6 Sharon Carter as Power Broker

First introduced in the MCU in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Sharon Carter is a former agent of SHIELD and the niece of Peggy Carter, founder of SHIELD, and first love of Steve Rogers. A major part of The Falcon and the Winter SoldierSharon was reintroduced into the MCU as the Power Broker, a crime boss who took up residence in Madirpoor during the events of the Snap.

In the Marvel comics, the Power Broker – a man named Curtiss Jackson who first appeared in man-machine #7 by Roger Stern and Sal Buscema – leads a criminal organization called The Corporation, which attempted to recreate the super-soldier serum. With Sharon Carter revealing ulterior motives in the series, she could return to the fold as an even more powerful version of the Power Broker for Captain America: New World Order.

5 Doctor Faustus is a bad psychiatrist

A villain who got his start in the comics Captain America #107 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Doctor Faustus is a psychiatrist and manipulator who eventually joined Hydra. An evil man at heart, Doctor Faustus first met Captain America after the hero had nightmares about the war.

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Trusting Faustus to help cure him, Captain America fell victim to Faustus when the twisted doctor decided to take the opportunity to drive Captain America into an even worse mental state. Although Doctor Faustus’ story as Captain America’s villain only involves Steve Rogers, adapting it to Sam Wilson’s first big Captain America villain could serve as a good introduction for Hydra’s high-ranking associate. .

4 The Serpent Society is a massive team of villains

First appeared in Captain America #310 by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Nearly, the Serpent Society (or Serpent Solutions) is a corporation of criminals and mercenaries whose costumed aliases are based on different types of snakes. Launched by the villainous Sidewinder, the Serpent Society made a name for itself by killing MODOK, the evil leader of the evil think tank AIM.

During a storyline titled “The Serpent War”, the Serpent Society faced internal conflict as a civil war broke out between the members, leading to one side recruiting Captain America to help establish peace. in the ranks. Although the Serpent Society hasn’t appeared in the MCU, a huge team of villains could give New world order the grand event feeling it deserves.

3 Warbringer fought the Avengers

An Avengers-level threat that first appeared in Nova Vol 5 #29 by Gerry Duggan and David Baldeon, Warbringer is a member of the Chitauri, an alien race responsible for several acts of genocide. Confront the Avengers in All-new Avengers, all differentWarbringer is the first villain Sam Wilson faced after joining the Avengers as Captain America.

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Although Warbringer is an Avengers-level threat, his history as the first Avengers villain that Sam Wilson was confronted by Captain America gives him a significant connection to Sam’s development as Captain America. While a Captain America solo probably wouldn’t be enough to defeat Warbringer in the comics, the MCU is no stranger to drastically stripping down some of Marvel’s most powerful characters.

2 The Watch Dogs are an extremist hate group

Although the Watchdogs have already appeared in the MCU as an anti-meta-human hate group in the Marvel Agents of SHIELD TV series, the comic book version of the Watchdogs could serve as relevant villains in New world order. First appeared in Captain America #335 by Mark Gruenwald and Tom Morgan, the Watchdogs are an extremist group that claims to uphold traditional American values.

A group that officially received funding from Red Skull, a Nazi, the Watchdogs are an analogue of real-life nationalist extremists who oppose progressive values ​​regarding race, education, and sexuality. Given that New world order features the introduction of Sam Wilson as Captain America, villains like the Watchdogs could make for a very relevant and topical narrative in the film.

1 The New World Order Could Finally Introduce Dr. Doom

Recognized by comic book readers as one of the most important villains in Marvel comics, Dr. Doom first appeared in The Fantastic Four #5 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. A Latvian scientific genius, Dr. Doom was scarred in an accident and wears a metal mask to hide his face.

While Dr. Doom is known as a Fantastic Four villain, his legendary status allows him to appear in any Marvel comic book title. However, Dr. Doom has yet to make his first appearance in the MCU. Captain America: New World Order might be the perfect time to do so, as the movie will likely generate the excitement and fan anticipation worthy of a Dr. Doom reveal.

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