10 Times In The Animated Series Where Batman Saved The Villain


Batman’s number one rule, regardless of the medium in which his story is told, is that he doesn’t kill. Gotham’s Dark Knight has saved countless innocent people from the clutches of the various costumed villains who are running fast across Gotham; However, what happens when the villain needs saving?

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Through Batman: The Animated Series, Batman, has proven time and time again that he sticks to his rule and won’t hesitate to save the villain because it’s the right thing to do and not his place to play judge, jury and to the executioner. It’s a trait that has made Batman such a compelling figure and shows audiences that pity isn’t a weakness. Here are the times Batman saved the villain Batman TAS.

ten Harley’s Holiday: Batman Catches Harley’s Fall

Episode 6 of the third season of Batman: The Animated Series “Harley’s Holiday” centers on a reformed Harley Quinn, who is freed from Arkham and is ready to live an everyday life; however, trouble seems to follow Harley wherever she goes.

Throughout the episode, Harley tries hard to downplay her quirks, but due to misunderstandings or misinterpretation situations by Harley, a typical day doesn’t seem to work. The unfortunate events lead to a confrontation between Harley and Batman on a rooftop, where she attempts to plead her innocence. As they fight, Harley loses her footing and begins to fall off the building, but Batman catches her in time.

9 Joker’s Favor: Saving The Joker From A Normal Guy

“Joker’s Favor” follows Gotham City resident Charlie Collins on his way home from work, and it’s obvious he’s not having a good day. Collins offers to do anything if Joker spares him, and offers that Joker accept, stating that he will be in touch. In a moment of frustration, Collins curses a driver who nearly ran him off the road. unfortunately the driver is the Joker.

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Two years later, Joker reunites with Collins and asks for this favor, which is to open the door so Harley Quinn can interrupt Commissioner Gordon’s testimony dinner. Once inside, Joker jumps out of a cake and pins a bomb on Gordon’s jacket, but Batman shows up, removes the bomb, and kicks Collins out of the building. Collins is brought to a breaking point and confronts the bomb-threatening Joker to kill himself and Joker. Instead, Joker gives his information about Collins and his family and runs to hide behind Batman. Fortunately, the bomb turns out to be a fake, filled with confetti.

8 Heart Of Ice: It Wasn’t The Costumed Villain That Had To Be Saved

The third episode of Batman: The Animated Series season 1, “Heart of Ice”, introduces Mr. Freeze and his new origin story. While investigating burglaries at various GothCorp sites, Batman discovers not only the man behind the robberies, Mr. Freeze, but the tragic accident that led him to this point. In a GothCorp security video, Batman watches Victor Fries attempt to save his wife in GothCorp labs. However, before the procedure is complete, GothCorp leader Ferries Boyle and his guards burst in, and Victor is pushed into a chemical table.

Mr. Freeze crashes the awards show for Boyle and begins freezing Boyle in ice from the feet up; however, Batman arrives in time to stop him. While Freeze doesn’t believe he will get his revenge, Batman tells the reporter what Boyle did to Victor Fries and his wife Nora and hands him the videotape.

seven The Underdwellers: Because Batman is non-judgmental

In “The Underdwellers”, a series of robberies across Gotham by “goblins” plague the city. However, Batman discovers that it is not goblins but children in green capes who perpetuate these crimes. The children live in the sewers under the tyrannical rule of the “king of the sewers”, who demands absolute obedience and silence.

When Batman finds the hiding place to rescue the children and apprehend the Sewer King, he runs, leading Batman on a chase through the sewers. The chase ends in the subway when Batman and the Sewer King fall onto the tracks as an oncoming train is heading their way. Batman pulls himself and the King out of the Sewers in time, wondering why Batman didn’t let him die, to which Batman explains that he is not judgmental; it is up to the authorities to do so.

6 Love Is A Croc: Gotham’s Bonnie & Clyde

“Love is a Croco” takes place during The New Adventures of Batmana continuation of Batman: The Animated Series. Baby Doll and Killer Croc team up in this episode and are soon dubbed “Gotham’s Bonnie and Clyde”.

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These two aren’t right for each other, and it all comes to a head when they plan to blow up the nuclear power plant. Instead of holding the city for ransom, Baby Doll says she wants them to die together and take Gotham with them. After Batman and Batgirl arrive, a fight ensues, ending with Croc holding Baby Doll above a spinning turbine. He drops her, but Batman is able to grab Baby Doll in time, saving her.

5 The Last Laugh: Batman left the Joker uncertain

It’s April Fool’s Day in Gotham City, and the Joker is spilling poisonous laughing gas, making the citizens of Gotham helpless with laughter as he commits various thefts throughout the city. In Season 1 Episode 15, “The Last Laugh”, the Joker achieves his April Fool’s Day by floating a green gas emitting garbage barge as it sails down the Gotham River.

In the final fight with the Joker, Batman confronts Joker at the scrapyard, pulverizing the trash with his Laughing Toxin. After a fierce chase through a treadmill and buckets of molten metal, Batman nearly falls into the incinerator but manages to get out. The Joker throws razor-sharp playing cards at Batman but misses. Eventually, Joker trips over a wire and nearly falls into the incinerator. He clings to a cable, begging Batman to save him, which the hero does after a brief moment of contemplation.

4 On Leather Wings: Cure the Man-Bat

In the second episode of the first season of Batman: The Animated Series “On Leather Wings”, a mysterious “Batman” terrorizes Gotham, and the city’s Dark Knight is the prime suspect. The creature is Dr. Kirk Langstrom, who managed to create a serum that could turn him into a half-man/half-bat creature.

When Batman destroys the components that could make the transformation permanent, a fight between him and a transformed Landstrom ensues, with Man-Bat carrying Batman through the skies of Gotham City. Batman is able to subdue Langstrom and bring him back to the Batcave, where he is able to administer a cure and turn Dr. Kirk Langstrom into a man.

3 Robin’s Reckoning: When Batman Had To Stop Robin From Going Too Far

“Robin’s Reckoning” is a two-part episode airing during Season 1 that delves into the story of Dick Grayson (aka Robin). Dick grew up in a traveling circus where he and his parents were acrobats; however, young Dick witnesses the Ring Leader having a heated argument with mobster Tony Zucco after he refuses to pay Zucco for his protection. Later that night, Dick sees Zucco before the show; Zucco sabotages their equipment and Dick watches his parents die.

Years later, Zucco is back in Gotham and Robin wants revenge. Batman tries to steer him away from the case, but the fiery Robin goes off on his own and tracks down Zucco. The fight between Batman, Robin and Zucco ends with Robin hanging Zucco off the edge of the pier, full of rage and ready for revenge. However, Batman intervenes and convinces Robin to turn Zucco over to the authorities.

2 It’s Never Too Late: The Reformed Mafia Boss

In “It’s Never Too Late”, a long-running gang war between Arnold Stromwell and Rupert Thorne has come to a head, and Batman believes he can help end it peacefully. The episode mainly focuses on Stromwell; his son has disappeared, his criminal empire is crumbling, and he is haunted by memories of his brother, whom he believes to be dead. Stromwell is convinced that his rival, Thorne, is responsible for his son’s disappearance and is ready to murder him during their arranged meeting.

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Near the end of the episode, while on the run from Thorne’s men, Stromwell finds himself in the old rail yard where he lost his brother when they were children. He breaks down as the painful memories come flooding back to him, but a priest steps out of the shadows; it is his brother who is not dead but he is missing a leg. As the brothers reconcile, one of Thorne’s men pulls a gun on the brothers; however, Batman subdues him.

1 Day Of The Samurai: Batman Shows Rival Respect And Mercy

“Day of the Samurai” marks the return of Kyodai Ken, Bruce Wayne’s former rival when they trained together with Japan’s top martial artist Yoru. The episode begins with Kyodai Ken kidnapping Kairi, Yoru’s star student, and holding her for ransom.

Meeting on the slope of Mount Kakiiki, an ancient volcano showing signs of activity, Kyodai and Batman face off in a maskless duel. With lava flowing around them, the two rivals continue to spar, ending with Kyodai using a deathtouch technique on him. Bruce stands up, claiming it didn’t work, but Kyodai is trapped on an islet of rock surrounded by lava. Bruce throws Kyodai a Batarang and helps pull Kyodai off the rock.

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