5 DC Characters Who Deserve Their Own Anime


With DC Comics having found success with many of their animated projects, it’s surprising that they haven’t dabbled in anime yet. Not only does the animated universe exist independently of comic books and live-action movies, but many serve as standalone feature films and TV shows.

Superhero comics are very similar to Japanese manga in that they are perfectly designed to fit into an anime series or movie. If given the same amount of production time and funding to create a high-quality production, similar to Jujutsu Kaisen and demon slayer, it’s unclear just how captivating these adaptations might be. Even though there are many popular DC characters like Superman and Batman who have received many animated series, there are plenty of other DC properties that could shine with an animated adaptation.

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suicide squad

A DC property that has come into the spotlight quite recently, suicide squad is practically begging to be adapted into an anime. Featuring a cast of iconic DC Universe villains, suicide squad features an incredibly diverse cast, with unique motivations that could be explored in depth with a solid production. Harley Quinn in particular, a titular character who has become a staple of the team, would be the central cast member as the character is complex, humorous, and likeable.

In the old days, suicide squad the storylines feature themes of personal growth, redemption, betrayal, and the depravity of humanity through its characters. The themes covered can be very dark, but that’s what makes this series about the complicated lives of villains forced into heroism so compelling. While some recruits participate for a lesser penalty, others would like to become better people. Knowing that the cast could die at any time creates high stakes, much like those seen in shows like The attack of the Titans.

The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern may have had a chance at its own anime series in the past, unfortunately it never managed to become a hit despite the interesting characters and rich storytelling. That being said, it’s still a property that deserves a chance to shine just as much as its cast. In the early 2000s, Geoff Johns returned to writing for the The Green Lantern comedic and breathed new life into the property, giving the series an opportunity to stand tall without the larger DC Universe.

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the The Green Lantern The mythos has been given so much depth that exploring its new lore through an anime adaptation would be nothing short of spectacular. The world of The Green Lantern is just as interesting as popular shonen titles like Naruto and Bleach. Even if the adaptation only focused on Geoff Johns’ take on the series, that would be more than enough – as Johns’ run introduced most of the Lantern Corps, as well as much of the previously established lore. becoming rationalized. The first attempt at an anime series may have failed, but it could easily be revived.

the flash

Few characters are as popular and beloved as The Flash, which is why it’s so surprising there’s never been an animated series centered around the character. The Flash is a character that promotes many heroic qualities, whether he resembles the standard shonen protagonist. A little like demon slayerLike Tanjiro, The Flash has a pure soul and very rarely fights with hatred or malice in his heart. He’s a hero for all the right reasons and would make a great protagonist for an anime.

Another aspect of the property that makes it so perfect for an anime adaptation is its rich history and interesting cast of characters. While Batman could hold the crown for having the best villains, the flash is a close second. The Flash Family is one of the best supporting cast in comics, spanning the world in a way that many other shows don’t. The bad guys in the flash are every bit as compelling as its heroes, The Rogues being a particular highlight. They’re bad guys, but they’re rarely as cruel as they are friendly – much like the bad guys in shonen series like naruto.

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Mortal Blow

DC’s resident anti-hero and occasional villain, Deathstroke, is not only one of the most interesting characters in his universe, but also one of the most suitable for an anime adaptation. Few animes use the villain as the main protagonist, but those that have found great success with series like The attack of the Titansis Eren Jaeger, and Code Geassby Lelouch Lamperouge. These series excel in the nuance and intricate characterization of their leads, a perfect fit for a character like Slade Wilson. He’s not a villain because he wants to spread evil, rather it’s a life that allows him to stay true to himself.

Deathstroke may not be a property that has a well-known cast, but benefits from being able to seamlessly connect with other characters from across the DC Universe – notably the Teen Titans and Batman. The ability to bring in other characters from different properties so organically, a Mortal Blow anime can create compelling story arcs that explore different aspects of the DC Universe. The Deathstroke comics are known for being character-driven, offering an introspective look at one of DC’s most interesting anti-heroes and an animated adaptation would be a fantastic way to experience it all.

animal man

This next choice may seem niche, but animal man is a fascinating story and perfect for an animated series. While The new 52 wasn’t the hit DC hoped it would be, much of what was released offered exciting new twists on older, forgotten characters, Animal Man being one of them. Following the hero of the same name, animal man follows the story of a hero trying to balance fighting crime with his responsibilities as husband and father in a world that is becoming increasingly twisted.

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Which makes animal man such a great fit for an anime adaptation is that it’s a series that mixes action, drama, and horror, giving it a unique feel compared to most DC properties. Chosen as the Avatar of the Red, Animal Man has been granted animal powers and is destined to become an ultimate protector of animals and humanity. When faced with evil forces, such as his enemies The Rot, a force of death and decay, the abominations he fights are truly gruesome. It doesn’t help that his helpless family is forced to face these monsters on his side, raising the stakes. It might not be the most well-known property, but it’s one that could become one of the most unique and impressive anime ever made.

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