8 Famous Marvel Characters Who Got Their Starts In A Spider-Man Comic Book


With nearly sixty years of comic book history under his belt, Spider-Man has had as many crazy experiences as any other Marvel hero. Through these experiences, Spider-Man met many other characters and established strong relationships throughout the Marvel Universe.

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Whether villains or heroes, many of these Marvel characters made their first appearance in the Spider-Man comics, establishing a connection to the Marvel A-lister no matter which direction their stories took. From famous anti-heroes to iconic Marvel villains, a great roster of characters made their Marvel debut in the pages of a Spider-Man comic book.

8 Punisher was originally a Spider-Man villain

With a long reputation for darkness and violence, many casual fans will be surprised to learn that Punisher first appeared as a Spider-Man villain. In amazing spider man #129 – Punisher’s First Appearance – Punisher is hired by a villain named Jackal to kill Spider-Man. After engaging in two fights, Spider-Man makes Punisher realize that Jackal called Spider-Man a ruthless killer. Learning the truth, Punisher swears revenge on Jackal and leaves. Since that first appearance, Punisher has become one of Marvel’s most famous characters, receiving iconic comics and numerous big-budget adaptations.

7 Venom is one of Spider-Man’s most famous villains

One of the most successful Marvel characters of the 1990s, Venom immediately captivated fans when he first appeared in amazing spider man #300. Serving as the payoff for the Spider-Man Black Suit saga, Venom is an alien from the planet Klyntar who became attached to Spider-Man during the events of Secret Marvel Superhero Wars.

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Since his debut, Venom has noticeably evolved from a ruthless villain to a dodgy superhero, left the Spider-Man title to himself, and even led the Avengers during the king in black Event. In addition to starring in one of Marvel’s best-selling comics, the Venom universe has grown significantly with tons of supporting characters, original villains, and new heroes.

6 Morbius first appeared in Spider-Man

Recently appearing in a film of the same name, Morbius has become one of the most talked about former Spider-Man villains in recent months. Beginning as a straight-up villain for Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, Morbius eventually evolved into anti-hero status and later received his own solo comic. In addition to his criminal past, Morbius is an original member of fan-favorite anti-hero team, The Midnight Sons. First appeared in amazing spider man #101, Spider-Man first encountered Morbius after growing four extra arms. In the comics, after terrorizing a boat full of men, Morbius flees to New York and nearly kills Spider-Man.

5 Carnage is the Son of Venom

As another Spider-Man villain who has achieved high levels of popularity in recent years, Venom’s son Carnage has a reputation as Spider-Man’s most disturbing villain. First appeared in amazing spider man #361, Carnage is a stronger, more violent version of Venom who bonded with a serial killer named Cletus Kasady.

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In the comics, after bonding with Cletus, Carnage kills Peter Parker’s classmate Chip. Confused by the sudden appearance of a new symbiote, Spider-Man researches Eddie Brock’s history and discovers that his former cellmate in prison was Cletus Kasady.

4 Cloak & Dagger sought revenge

First appeared in Peter Parker, the spectacular Spider-Man #64, Cloak and Dagger is one of Marvel’s best-known duos. The two are runaways who realize that their respective powers complement each other in extraordinary ways and decide to form a crime-fighting duo. In their first appearance, Spider-Man investigates the sudden attacks on drug dealers. Eventually, Spider-Man stumbles upon a confrontation and sees the pair kill the dealer, escaping through the alleys. Finally leading them back to a hiding place, Cloak and Dagger reveal to Spider-Man that the people they attack injected them with experimental drugs as children, which caused their powers to activate.

3 Silver Sable has outgrown his status as a Spider-Man character

A master martial artist and international mercenary, Silver Sable is another character who has outgrown his status as a pure Spider-Man character. With her own solo comic and multiple appearances as a member of fan-favorite hero team Heroes For Hire, Silver Sable has solidified herself as a character who can thrive outside of the Spider-Man title.

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First appeared in amazing spider man #265, Silver Sable has hired a group of gunmen to retrieve jewelry stolen by a thief named Black Fox. After Spider-Man helps Black Fox escape Sable’s men while simultaneously retrieving the jewels, Silver Sable is impressed with Spider-Man and takes note of his abilities.

2 Kingpin is known as a Daredevil villain

Synonymous with Man Without Fear, many Marvel readers associate Kingpin with Daredevil more than Spider-Man. Having appeared in many of Daredevil’s most iconic comic arcs, as well as two very well-known live-action Daredevil adaptations, it’s easy to see why Kingpin is considered more of a Daredevil villain than a Spider-Man villain. Nevertheless, Kingpin first appeared in amazing spider man #50 as a mysterious figure known only by codenames. As Spider-Man suddenly disappears in New York, Kingpin seizes the opportunity to expand his network of organized criminals. This iconic storyline isn’t Kingpin’s only encounter with Spider-Man, as the two have met in fierce battle several times since.

1 Flash Thompson was Peter’s childhood bully

First appeared in amazing fantasy #15 – the same Spider-Man comic first appeared – Flash Thompson is a well-known Spider-Man supporting character. Although the two eventually became good friends, Eugene “Flash” Thompson was introduced to Marvel readers as Peter Parker’s high school bully. A high school student who admired Spider-Man, Flash Thompson joined the military after high school, hoping to follow in the heroic footsteps of his idol, Spider-Man. After returning home and dealing with a bout of alcoholism, Flash eventually bonded with the Venom symbiote, creating a new military-like version of Venom named Agent Venom. After a stint in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Flash gained a new symbiote companion in the form of Anti-Venom. Since becoming Anti-Venom, Flash has established himself as a member of the Venomverse first and the Spiderverse second.

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