8 Things Only Comic Book Readers Know About Love Sausage


A fan-favorite character from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s macabre superhero satire, The boys, recently appeared in one of the final episodes of Season 3 for the Amazon Prime Video adaptation with the same title. This character, Love Sausage, is one of The boys‘ the best and funniest characters.

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If there’s one thing to note about Love Sausage, it’s his craving for alcohol or the very visible sex organ in his pants. The character is hilarious in both design, action, and dialogue, and there are some great things to know about the character. Hopefully her appearance on the show reflects her comedic persona.

Spoiler warning for The Boys and the comics from Amazon Prime Video.​​​​​​​

8 His powers

In Amazon Prime Video The boys, Love Sausage is named by MM because of the size of its sexual organ, which can grow and move like a tentacle. In the comics, his sexual organ is large, but not the source of his powers. Love Sausage is extremely strong and durable.

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Throughout the comic, Love Sausage can be seen breaking down metal doors and ceilings, as well as punching people through the chest. He’s also been seen capable of taking direct blasts from rocket launchers, and the comic also highlights his quick speed. While he doesn’t have the speed of A-Train by any means, his reflexes are abnormally quick, even allowing him to kick Stormfront before the character can react.

seven Leader of the Glorious Five-Year Plan

In the comic, Love Sausage brags about its time with the glorious five-year plan. This group of superheroes consisted of The Tractor, Purge, Red Banner and Collectivo. These heroes existed in Russia as part of the Soviet Union. Their characters were not explored in the comic, with Love Sausage only providing readers with the names of his teammates.

It will be interesting to see if Glorious Five-Year Plan is explored in the Amazon Prime Video series, but that remains to be seen, as Love Sausage has only appeared twice, and it’s a far cry from what fans of the comic know.

6 Ally of the boys

Unlike Amazon Prime’s Love Sausage, the comics version is a good friend and ally of The Boys. On the show, Love Sausage attacked The Boys and used his super-powered sex organ to strangle MM. He then later appeared in Herogasm.

As for the comic, Love Sausage develops a close friendship with their newest member, Hughie. Love Sausage is one of The Boys’ few, if not only, Supe ally, as even Starlight is just tolerated as Hughie’s girlfriend and kept mostly as a secret.

5 Helped kill Stormfront

There are big differences between The boys in the comic and the TV series, one thing remains: Stormfront is a Nazi. In the comics, Stormfront is male and is the first Supe ever created. When Payback, the Stormfront team, was sent to kill The Boys, they met a horrific end.

The boys, and Love Sausage, brutally beat Stormfront to death. Part of the reason Love Sausage came to America to help The Boys with Stormfront was because the villain was a Nazi and Love Sausage was a former tank commander during World War II.

4 Owns a bar in Moscow, Russia

When the boys fly to Moscow in Russia for a mission, their first meeting place is with a friend of Butcher’s. Upon arrival, readers encounter a rather loud and selfless tall man. Vasilii Vorishikin introduces himself and Butcher introduces him as the former superhero, Love Sausage.

Readers first see Love Sausage out of his old superhero costume, and instead as a bartender. He wears a stained apron and a brown sweater. His bar doesn’t have a name, but it’s filled with interesting characters in the background. Love Sausage, to the knowledge of the public, does not have a bar in the Amazon Prime Video series.

3 love toxic vodka

Part of Love Sausage’s charm isn’t just for her cheerful personality, but also for her love of drinking. Love Sausage falls into the stereotype of a Russian, who loves alcohol, specifically vodka. The character’s favorite drink is vodka which he makes himself. He is unmistakable, as he has a giant skull and crossbones on the bottle, indicating his poisonous nature, and something that could rival The Seven’s Homelander.

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This alcohol is made from brake fluid, a drink that comic book fans shouldn’t try, for its toxic nature. Love Sausage enjoys drinking this stuff, and it even saves Hughie and himself, as they share the drink, which unknowingly kills the poison in the food they ate.

2 His Kryptonite

There are no secrets in the comic pages of The boys on what Love Sausage is hiding under her spandex. This is the viewpoint of many Love Sausage-related jokes, and even her name is a gigantic reference to her sex organ. When Hughie and Love Sausage pursue a suspect at a strip club, the latter becomes unable to follow the former.

This is due in part to Love Sausage’s Kryptonite, which he declares himself to. The character’s large body means that he cannot run straight while excited. This makes the character almost useless when it comes to getting excited and having to fight.

1 Killed by Billy Butcher

After the climactic events of the superhero showdown at the White House, The boys believing that their mission is complete and that Butcher has had his revenge against Homelander. However, all is not as it seems, and things are moving fast. Audiences see Love Sausage running and bleeding, mortally wounded by none other than our protagonist, Billy Butcher.

Butcher chases and shoots Love Sausage with an enhanced RPG and leaves him to die. It’s a horrible ending for a beloved character, who didn’t deserve such a diabolical fate. Before Love Sausage dies, he manages to send a warning text to his good friend, Hughie, not to share his fate.

Season 3 of The boys is available now on Amazon Prime Video.

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