9 DC Comics From The 90s Everyone Should Read At Least Once


As one of the most influential periods in comics, the 1990s saw the introduction of many fan-favorite characters. Along with some of these new characters, several mainstream comic book titles have undergone significant changes, with some swapping out main characters while others received sweeping additions to their mythos.

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Like its most prominent competitors, DC Comics was not immune to the wave of comic book change in the 1990s. In fact, some of the best comic books DC ever published came out in the 90s. , and much of their success is the result of sweeping changes.

9 Emerald Twilight introduced Kyle Rayner

From The Green Lantern Volume 3 #47, Emerald Twilight launched the iconic Marz and Banks series The Green Lantern. Best known for featuring fan-favorite Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and revealing Hal Jordan’s downfall of evil, Emerald Twilight radically altered the trajectory of the whole myth.

Shortly after witnessing the destruction of his hometown, Coast City, Hal attempted to rebuild it using his power ring. However, after quickly remembering that this would violate Green Lantern Corps rules, Hal becomes angry with the Guardians and attacks their base of operations.

8 Mark Waid’s whirlwind run made Wally West a fan favorite

Although not the first series to feature Wally West as the main character, Mark Waid Glow run is widely regarded as the comic book that made Wally West a leading character. The iconic eight-year race, which took place in the flash Issues 62-150 of Volume 2 saw many additions to the Flash mythos that are now considered essential.

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In addition to featuring fan-favorite character Impulse, Waid’s Glow introduced the Speed ​​Force, which is a concept that explains the logic of Flash’s super speed abilities. Ever since Waid introduced the idea, the Speed ​​Force has served as a narrative vehicle for nearly every Glow Course.

seven Batman Knightfall is an epic tale

An epic three-part story set in Batman numbers 484 to 515, as well as some related titles, batman knightfall is considered an iconic, action-packed Batman storyline. Loosely adapted in Christopher Nolan’s film, The dark knight rises, batman knightfall begins with Bane releasing all maximum security inmates from Arkham Asylum.

After forcing Batman to deal with villain after villain – tiring him out in the process – Bane confronts Batman and breaks his back after pounding him into submission. In subsequent issues, the controversial anti-hero, Azrael, took over Batman’s responsibilities.

6 Zero Hour Was A Major Moment For ’90s DC

From the iconic Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, DC Comics has used the Crisis concept for other major comic events. Considered by many DC fans to be one of the best Crisis stories, H-hour is a five-issue storyline that features Hal Jordan’s efforts to destroy the timestream.

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Featuring both the Justice League and the Justice Society – two of DC’s most iconic superhero teams – H-hour includes major moments and storylines for nearly every A-list DC character. In addition to being a recognized comedic event, H-hour also serves as Jack Knight’s first appearance as Starman.

DC’s original superhero team, the Justice Society, was first introduced in 1940 to instant success, leading to the creation of other famous DC superhero teams like the Justice League and the Titans. . After losing popularity, the team was reintroduced in 1999, leading to a revival of the Justice Society in the early 2000s. Created by an all-star creative team of James Robinson, David Goyer and Stephen Sedowski, the new version The JSA roster consisted of returning characters like Wildcat, The Flash, and Alan Scott, as well as new members like Star-Starred Child.

4 Batman along Halloween is a masterpiece

Recently cited by director Matt Reeves as a significant influence for his film, The Batman, Batman: The Long Halloween is considered one of the most important Batman comics ever made. A traditional noir tale about a serial killer who only strikes on holidays, The Long Halloween displays central elements of the Batman mythos: detective work in a filthy and corrupt city.

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Featuring nearly every A-list Batman villain, the comic is star-studded and uses each character in unique ways that push the narrative forward. Additionally, as a highly influential Batman comic, The Long Halloween established a new origin for Two-Face, which is now considered his definitive origin story.

3 Wonder Woman Volume 2 reshaped the Diana mythos

Although it started in 1987, wonder woman Volume 2 was one of the best-selling comic books throughout the decade of the 1990s. Thanks to contributions from star comic book creators like George Perez, Len Wein, and William Messner-Loebs, wonder woman Volume 2 established itself as the definitive modern take on the Wonder Woman mythos. Thanks to this run, many modern fans associate Wonder Woman with Greek mythology: a concept that Perez brought into the mythos. The Wonder Woman lore established in wonder woman Volume 2 served as the main continuity for the character until 2011, when DC relaunched his entire comic universe.

2 JLA 1997 puts the Justice League back on top

Launched in 1997 under the pen of Grant Morrison, JLA Volume 1 is the book that made the Justice League a top-selling comic book team. After six years of lackluster sales for Justice League, this series quickly rose to the top of sales due to the return of the Justice League Big Seven roster.

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Bringing together many of DC’s most important characters in one title, JLA Volume 1 was a deserving bestseller, continually pitting the Justice League against the DC Universe’s most significant threats. In addition to pushing the Justice League up the sales chart, JLA Volume 1 established Grant Morrison as a celebrated DC writer, cementing his place among the most influential Justice League writers.

1 Kingdom Come is DC’s biggest Elseworlds comic

A deconstructionist masterpiece, kingdom come is the biggest Elseworlds comic DC has ever released. Produced by an incredible creative team of Mark Waid and Alex Ross, kingdom come is a four-issue series that deals with a growing conflict between traditional superheroes and dangerous new vigilantes. After being convinced by Wonder Woman to reform the Justice League, Superman gathers heroes from around the world in hopes of stopping a growing threat led by Lex Luthor. At the same time, an elderly Batman who refuses to join the reunited Justice League forms a team called the Outsiders.

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