9 Marvel Heroes You Forgot Appeared In Spider-Man: The Animated Series


Although there have been many animated Spider-Man shows over the years, Spider-Man: The Animated Series from the mid-90s is one of the most popular. The show delivered the definitive version of the hero to many fans while also featuring memorable portrayals of various favorite Spider-Man villains.

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But something fans may have forgotten is how many other Marvel heroes have appeared on the show. Long before the days of the MCU, fans got to see Spider-Man team up with iconic characters who still made Spider-Man: The Animated Series something special.

9 War machine

War Machine firing a cannon in Spider-Man The Animated Series

Although War Machine will be featured in the next Armor Wars Disney+ series, he is generally considered a secondary hero. This was absolutely the case for his appearance in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

When Venom and Carnage attack a demonstration of one of Tony Stark’s new inventions, James Rhodes dons his War Machine armor to fight alongside Spider-Man. While helping to even the odds, he is injured and taken out of action early on.

8 Iron Man

Iron Man in Spider-Man The Animated Series

Following War Machine’s injury, the big guns are called in and Iron Man comes to team up with Spider-Man. The first episode he appears in is a super-charged superhero adventure as Venom and Carnage aid Baron Mordo in his plans to bring Dormammu to their dimension.

With all of this, the fact that Iron Man and Spider-Man are fighting side by side is kind of overlooked. This seems especially odd considering how close the two characters are in the MCU. He later appears as part of Spider-Man’s team in the Secret Wars script.


7 Punisher

Spider-Man: The Animated Series is very much aimed at a younger audience, which makes it kind of surprising to see such an intense character as Punisher included. Interestingly, the series explores its blurring lines between hero and villain a lot, even hinting at its cold-blooded methods of dealing with criminals without being too explicit with it.

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Punisher first appears as he tracks down Spider-Man after the web-slinger is framed for kidnapping Michael Morbius. He makes a second appearance in a later season, this time with Peter Parker as his target after Mary Jane’s disappearance.

6 Blade

Blade battles Spider-Man in Spider-Man The Animated Series

Just like the MCU, Spider-Man: The Animated Series wasn’t afraid to take on a variety of threats, including the supernatural menace of vampires. After Michael Morbius transforms into Morbius the Living Vampire, Blade sets off on a journey to New York to hunt him.

There’s a fun tension between Spider-Man and Blade as Spider-Man wants to help Morbius and Blade wants to destroy him. The Vampire Hunter ended up appearing in several episodes, including a storyline involving his long-lost mother who became a vampire queen.

5 Captain America

Captain America holding a shield in Spider-Man The Animated Series

Even in the world of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Captain America is seen as a legend that other heroes revere. Cap is first seen in flashbacks revealing his origin story and the decades-long mission to recreate the super-soldier serum.

The show even brings Captain America to the present as he and the Red Skull are freed from their interdimensional limbo. Cap also joins Spider-Man later for the Secret Wars story, though he plays far less of a leadership role than fans might expect.

4 x-men

The X-Men in Spider-Man The Animated Series

Spider-Man wasn’t the only hero to have a popular cartoon in the ’90s. The X-Men headlined their own show that will soon be getting a revival. The two series crossed over into a multi-episode storyline that dealt with Spider-Man’s own mutation.

Wolverine and Beast get the biggest roles in the story, and the interactions between Wolverine and Spider-Man will have fans wanting these two characters to meet in the MCU. During the Secret Wars storyline, Storm is also recruited into Spider-Man’s team.

3 The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four in distress in Spider-Man The Animated Series

Although the Secret Wars The storyline brings back several of Spider-Man’s allies who previously appeared on the show, it marks the first appearance of Marvel’s “first family”, the Fantastic Four. They are tricked into joining the hero team and there is initially some tension in the group.

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Interestingly, the group of heroes play a pivotal role as the story progresses, with their nemesis Doctor Doom becoming the storyline’s big bad. There’s also an interesting arc where Ben Grimm gets the chance to turn human again.

2 strange doctor

Doctor Strange in astral form in Spider-Man The Animated Series

Long before they shared the screen in Spider-Man: No Coming Home, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange teamed up in this series. Their adventure centers on the kidnapping of Mary Jane in a cult led by Baron Mordo who seeks to free his master, Dormammu.

Doctor Strange is joined by Wong as they help introduce Spider-Man to the world of mystical arts. Although he has a shorter appearance than most of the other heroes, the episode provides a nice display of his many powers.

1 daredevil

Daredevil in Spider-Man The Animated Series

In a scenario that reflects aspects of Spider-Man: No Coming Home, Peter Parker is accused of a crime and Matt Murdock is hired as a lawyer. But it’s not long before his alter-ego Daredevil also shows up to get to the bottom of the matter.

The episode actually serves as a great showcase for Daredevil as it explores his backstory and iconic rivalry with Kingpin. Although not as powerful as some of the other heroes in the series, Daredevil stands as perhaps the coolest.

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