“A fitting end to this contentious little rat” – Editorial Cartoons Week, MAGA Fascism Edition

“A fitting ending to this contentious little rat” – Christopher Weyant @ChristophWeyant
Do your civic duty.

Don’t forget to register and vote in the November 2022 elections. If you can, help a friend, neighbor, colleague or acquaintance along the way.

It’s time to play offense and work towards a return to sanity and normalcy.

Source for the editorial cartoon “He who lives by the sword”: Christophe Weyant @ChristophWeyant. A fitting end to this contentious little rat. #asset #TrumpStoleClassifiedDocuments #right #TrumpIsANationalSecurityRisk #MAGA #MarALago


Complete Fascism – MAGA Style

I know there’s been a lot of talk over the past week about who is or isn’t a “semi-fascist” or a “full-fascist.” If you missed it, I posted a long two-part diary yesterday afternoon about fascism in Nazi Germany. After reading my diary, determine for yourself if there are any parallels to our current political situation.

— A man played for his country. The Other, hunted down by the Gestapo, played for his life. (Part 1)

— A man played for his country. The Other, hunted down by the Gestapo, played for his life. (Part 2)

Carefully read what I wrote about how one of the Nazi criminals behaved during the Nuremberg trials once the trappings of power were removed.

Remove the displays of false bravado, the comfortable settings where leaders live under their illusions, and remove the means of communication through which they regularly spout nonsensical statements. Subtract hyper-nationalist displays of military power and obsession with a sense of superiority. Ditch the glorification of political violence and state-sanctioned terror, and stop fantasizing about a golden age that never was. Refrain from banishing disloyalties from your political party and demonizing the opposition for real or imagined causes.

When there are few followers left to deceive, what else is left in the fascists’ toolbox? There are only cowards left like Hermann Goering who still live in an alternate reality – even when faced with irrefutable evidence of their crimes.


Do you still have questions?

Semi-fascism? Just tell it like it is

sensitive souls


The time has come today

A long time ago, Donald Trump crossed the line between normal and sordid behavior. When he bullied employees, assaulted women, mocked disabled people, abused political enemies, vilified minorities, avoided paying taxes, cheated banks, demonized immigrants, inspired racist groups, coddled white nationalists, denigrated allied nations, and took advantage of his presidency to financially profit from at the expense of his ignorant supporters.

All this and much more has made him the “Ugly American” for the rest of the world. An embarrassment as president for four years, and one who deliberately neglected his constitutional duties.

No wonder he ended up in such legal hot water – all of his own reckless fault.

A decent society based on the rule of law cannot — and should not – tolerate such behavior. Such a person is unfit to hold political office, let alone the highest in the country. If his current legal troubles result in Trump being indicted, this action would somehow feel like it was long overdue.

No one should have a pass in life, even if they once served as the President of the United States. Republican Party leaders who reflexively defend Trump regardless of the facts, know that if Trump disappears from the active political scene, their future hopes of winning back both the US Senate and US House of Representatives will drastically diminish. All the more reason for supporters of the Democratic Party to show up in large numbers and resolutely win the November elections.

Now is the time to hold this thug accountable for his past misdeeds. Hopefully in the weeks and months to come the US Department of Justice will do its job and deal with Trump and his gang of criminals.

The earliest would be best.

State the obvious

How about reimbursing Donald Trump

Look Ma, I made the cover of TIME magazine

They are not on your side


No exceptions, please


The party of law and order

As his look

The crime scene


Ready to rumble


Graham Mania

Don’t worry, he’ll give you the money back like he always does

the extortionist

The Graham Flag


About these GOP candidates

Is Herschel Walker on injured reserve?

A sign of the times


To finish…

Sarah Palin, former part-time governor of Alaska and 2008 GOP running mate, lost her bid to join the circus in Washington, DC. Upon hearing the news, Tina Fey went into a deep funk. We don’t yet know when she’ll get out.

The Joker

Finally find peace



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Will the US Department of Justice indict Donald Trump?

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No, Trump will narrowly avoid being indicted

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