A Hobbit animated series is coming from Amazon Studios!


In a spy report for the ages, we’re thrilled to reveal that Amazon is already planning an animated spin-off to its Rings of Power series.


Anticipating the success of the show, which will premiere September 2 on Prime Video, Amazon’s creative team is working on a cartoon series for children. Here’s what our inside source told us:

The inspiration for the show came from the opening of The Hobbit, when Bilbo first meets Gandalf. He remarks that the wizard “was responsible for so many quiet boys and girls who went off into the Blue on wild adventures. Whether climbing trees, visiting elves or sailing boats, sail to other shores! We thought it would be great to hear the stories of other Hobbits, who had had adventures with Gandalf in the past.

With this new series, we hope to once again make Saturday morning cartoons exciting, educational and fun, with wholesome entertainment that’s both silly and meaningful for the whole family. We’re delighted that Sir Lenny Henry, an actor with a well-known pedigree in comedy and family entertainment, has agreed to voice one of the show’s main characters. With such a distinguished performer already on board, we hope to persuade Sir Ian McKellen to voice Gandalf for us. You really can’t have Gandalf without Sir Ian.

There hasn’t been a final decision on the title yet. ‘Adventure Hobbits’ was our first thought, but because power rings is set in the Second Age of Middle-earth, we feature Harfoots in this series. So we wanted to go with ‘Adventure Harfoots’; but of course the Istari didn’t arrive in Middle-earth until the beginning of the Third Age – so can we blur the lines and have Gandalf and Harfoots together? Then, of course, there’s the added dilemma of whether it should be ‘Adventure Harfoots’ or ‘Adventure Harfeet’… It’s still a work in progress.

Here at TORn, we suspect Amazon may have also wanted to create something to take on Warner Bros. animated tale of middle earth, The Rohirrim War, which is slated for release in April 2024. Now, Amazon will have its own Arda animated adventure. There hasn’t been a Hobbit cartoon since the days of the Rankin/Bass movies; we can’t wait to see the first images of this upcoming show.

Bilbo as he appeared in the Rankin/Bass animated film “The Hobbit” (1977)

TheOneRing.net staff will be at Wondercon this weekend in Anaheim and this project is one of many we will be discussing in our Middle Earth! Coming to your TV this fall presentation. See you tonight in North Room 200A at 4:30 p.m., tickets are still available online and at the door.


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