Adult swim starts 24/7 for heats


adult swimming Primitive recently returned for season two, bringing back Spear and Fang in all their gory glory. With three episodes of the prehistoric epic’s second season already landing on Cartoon Network and HBO Max, the programming block is helping fans catch up. A Primal 24/7 channel has been erected on the Adult Swim website, airing every episode of the series so far which has taken viewers back to a time when dinosaurs and magic were rife.

Primitive tells the story of Spear and Fang, a caveman and a Tyrannosaurus Rex who each lost their respective families but found solace in each other. Creator Genndy Tartakovsky’s bloody story doesn’t have much dialogue, but what it lacks in the spoken word it makes up for in stellar ambience and jaw-dropping action set pieces. The first season was primarily an anthology series, seeing each episode place the prehistoric pair in different storylines that would involve them battling unique threats in the world’s past. For season two, however, the duo are on a mission to save the mysterious woman Mira, who appeared in the original season finale.

You can dive into the endless stream for Adult Swim’s Primal here.the website also having similar feeds for some of their biggest franchises including Rick and Morty, The Eric Andre Show, Metalocalypse, Robot Chickenand more.

Our own Nick Valdez was able to review the show’s second season, writing that the return of Spear and Fang is an evolution of the show as it gets “bigger and better”:

“Just like his prehistoric world, Primitive evolved. Not only does the series continue to deliver impeccable animation, character, and environment design, there’s a much more comprehensive color palette than before. There was a huge variety of locations and characters just in that first season, but the second introduced some interesting new wrinkles that continue to flesh out what this world is really about. It’s compelling in both the narrative and technical aspects of its presentation, and in many ways feels like a step above anything we’ve seen in this first season.

Everything on Primitive Season 2 is bigger, better, more intense and more brutal than ever. Rising to the challenge of chasing a masterpiece head-on, the second season doesn’t shy away from charting its own path to becoming great in its own right.”


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