After the BJP complaint, the plea in HC Against Cartoon awarded by Kerala Body


New Delhi: A plea was filed in the Kerala High Court against Kerala Lalithakala Akademi for awarding a cartoon that showed India as a ‘cow’ at the COVID-19 World Medical Summit, where England, China and the States – United are represented as humans.

The design is drawn by Anoop Radhakrishnan, secretary of the Kerala Cartoon Academy. It’s called “COVID-19 Global Medical Summit”.

A cartoon titled “COVID-19 Global Medical Summit” by Anoop Radhakrishnan. Photo: Twitter

Kerala Lalithakala Akademi was established in 1962, with the aim of conserving and promoting the visual arts, including painting, sculpture, architecture and graphics. It is an autonomous cultural organization of the Government of Kerala.

According to LiveLaw, the secretary of the Akademi declared the prices for 2019 and 2020. According to the petitioner, all the winning cartoons “portray India in a bad light and convey a distorted version of reality”.

The petitioner condemned the fact that the drawing received an honorable mention from the Akademi. The cartoon won the honorary prize as well as the cash prize of Rs 25,000.

The petitioner argued that the cartoon demeaned and demeaned India on its face: “… it is explicit that it is designed to demean and denigrate India. Especially in the international arena, as it is clearly cut off from its anti-national artistic elements. It’s amazing; since the whole world is facing a very extraordinary situation in the midst of this pandemic. Many factions across the nation, regardless of their political stripe, began to agitate and protest against the respondents violating public order. “

The petitioner also claimed that the cartoon was “in bad taste”.

The BJP’s reaction

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state president K. Surendran said those in positions of responsibility try to insult and humiliate their own country.

According to News18, Yuva Morcha, Secretary of State BG Vishnu, filed a complaint with the DGP against the cartoon, alleging that the cartoonist and officials were trying to insult the country. The complaint was filed against cartoonist Anoop Radhakrishnan and Nemom Pushparaj of secretary of Lalithakala Akademi.

Already seen

The Kerala Lalithakala Akademi found itself in a similar situation in June 2019, when it awarded a cartoon that showed Bishop Franco Mulakkal as a “rooster”. His scepter was adorned with a woman’s underpants, in reference to the rape charges brought against him.

According to Scroll. In, the cartoon sparked controversy, with several people claiming it was vulgar and criticizing the Christian community. The organization’s president, Pushparaj, said: “What was depicted in the cartoon was a symbol of power and not a Christian symbol.” “When the staff is carried by a person, who can even be called asocial, it is just a symbol of power … there is no need to attach holiness to it.”

He added: “The last time the prize was awarded to a cartoon criticizing Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. We never tried to change that decision as well.


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