Akira Toriyama was exceptionally involved in Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of The Gods


Tadayoshi Yamamuro, the main animation supervisor of “Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of The Gods”, spoke about Toriyama’s involvement in an interview translated by Kanzenshuu:

“I would draw the character sketches and then ask the creator, Akira Toriyama-sensei, to consider them, but this time the character art came first from Toriyama-sensei, so I was surprised. It’s rare for Toriyama-sensei to both be involved from the script stage, and to have designed the costumes for all the characters. I felt that Toriyama-sensei’s enthusiasm for this theatrical release was considerable So normally when turning them into animation, we would simplify the illustrations for key frames to make them easier to move around, but since Toriyama-sensei had drawn so much, I wanted to animate them as they were, without any simplification.”

Toriyama’s involvement from the earliest stages of the pre-production process speaks to his passion for the Shonen series, which is admirable given how long Toriyama has been a part of this series. At this point, any less inspired creator would take a back seat and oversee more important image parts of the storytelling process. However, Toriyama’s involvement shows a dedication to the “Dragon Ball” world and its importance to him.


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