Alien’s Coolest Xenomorph Killer Would Have Ruined Movies Forever


While this character was one of the coolest xenomorph killers ever introduced in the comics, he would absolutely ruin the Alien movie franchise forever.

There are few more iconic horror monsters than the Xenomorphs from Extraterrestrial franchise, in part due to the popularity of the movie franchise as a whole (at least the first two), but that might not have been the case if the coolest Xenomorph killer had made an appearance in the movies . The character in question is truly awesome having made his comic book debut, though that awesomeness borders on silliness that would completely undermine the tone set by the Extraterrestrial movies.

In the four-part comic book limited series Aliens: Hive by Jerry Prosser and Kelly Jones, a scientist named Stanislaw Mayakovsky is approached by a thief named Gill with the offer of a life. Gill wants Mayakovsky to help him infiltrate a Xenomorph hive to steal the slime produced by the alien queen known as Royal Jelly as it is one of the galaxy’s most coveted products. Royal jelly is valuable for a number of reasons, but one of the most profitable is that when refined, jelly is a potent and highly addictive drug. In order to make money, Gill and Mayakovsky must find a way to enter the Xenomorph Hive undetected, and Mayakovsky developed a way to do such a thing many years ago.


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Mayakosky once made a robot ant with the goal of sending it to a nest and learning the intricacies of their lives. So the scientist uses the same method with the xenomorphs and creates a synthetic alien named Norbert. While a Robo-Xeno is a really cool idea and was, in fact, an integral part of the Aliens: Hive storyline, one aspect of the character makes him a little too ridiculous to have existed in the movies. After Norbert infiltrated the hive, but was cornered by a number of enemy threats, the Synth removed his robotic tail and revealed that it had actually been a gun all along. The next panel shows the synthetic Xenomorph mowing down enemies with this unique blaster, a vision that undermines the horror mystique of Xenomorphs by turning them into, what look like, badass action heroes. Xenomorphs are mysterious, devious, and horribly terrifying, so whoever wields a giant blaster, synthetic or not, takes away the look of Xenomorphs fans they fell in love with in the first place.

A super Aliens comic book character would ruin the movies.

Although it wouldn’t work on film as it wouldn’t match the tone Extraterrestrial franchise set, the Synthetic Xenomorph absolutely worked in the comics and fits right in with the world established during Dark Horse Comics’ many runs with the franchise. dark horses aliens the comics have taken the universe to new heights in terms of ridiculous stories and deepening lore, including the establishment of Royal Jelly, a storyline where an entire hive of Xenomorphs are decimated by a pig, and even the synthetic Xenomorph presented, Norbert. While they were dark, these comedic storylines were genuinely fun and largely entertaining and really pushed the boundaries of what a Extraterrestrial story looks like.

Norbert was a huge hit with readers when he debuted, and he wasn’t the last synthetic xenomorph to make an appearance in the comics. Jeri was the second Robo-Xeno to make an appearance in the comic book world, debuting in Aliens: Fortress, and was much more of a character than Norbert. Jeri was a wise, cigar-smoking, blaster-wielding Xeno who was thrown into a number of humorous situations. While Jeri’s existence seemingly proves just how beloved Norbert was to fans, it seems their time to shine began and ended with their comic book appearances, particularly Norbert and his robotic blaster tail, like ExtraterrestrialThe Coolest Xenomorph Killer Would Have Ruined Movies Forever By Replacing The Very Mystic That Makes Xenomorphs so terrifying with ridiculous and fantastical action.

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