‘Angry Little Asian Girl: Moments with My Mother’ Features New Comic Collection


Angry Little Asian Girl: Moments With My Mom” is the latest installment of the popular angry little girl series and author Lela Lee’s first original book release in years.

I met Lela Lee at the San Diego Asian Film Festival in 2000 or 2001 after briefly sharing time at a Comic-Con booth. I loved how her creation “Angry Little Asian Girl” challenged stereotypes about Asians and women. Being female and of Asian descent (Chinese on my mother’s side), I purchased and proudly wore her t-shirt with her elementary school Korean girl character flipping the double bird.

Beth Accomando

Beth Accomando Postcard Collection of Lela Lee from 2001. April 12, 2022

I also bought a set of postcards which I send sparingly to my favorite people only with Angry Little Asian Girl’s choice comments such as “Love is just a friendship on fire” and ” Life is not a picnic.”

But I was thrilled to find that Lee had a new comic book collection called “Angry Little Asian Girl: Moments with My Mother” featuring the show’s main character, a girl named Kim and her mother.

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As you’d expect, Lee’s mom isn’t thrilled with the comic.

“She often asked me to get a job,” Lee noted. “I’m an adult. So I decided to do what I’m passionate about.”

And she’s been passionate about her Angry Little Asian Girl since 1994 creating both comics and a web series that still exists on Youtube.

Angry Little Asian Girl: The First Day of School

She described her character as “obviously angry, but angry in a way where she’s put on and supposed to serve everyone and obey everyone but herself. So those are the things that I think really pissed me off, but I couldn’t’ So it’s been this long process of drawing comics to kind of figure out what it is and what the reasons were that made me angry and l got angry because she’s kind of like the voice I wish I had. She, I guess, has the ability to discern what’s really going on and distill it into sharp, short words and say what’s really going on. ‘ she thinks, which are things that I don’t own, even though I’ve improved because of this character.”

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Each comic is full of biting humor and clever ideas that are both intensely personal and completely universal. It’s the kind of humor that makes you both laugh and think.

For this latest collection of comics, she focuses on her mother and being the daughter of an Asian mother.

13.nurseryjackjill_060508 copy.jpg

Lela Lee

Detail of one of the nursery rhymes from “Angry Little Asian Girl: Moments with My Mother”.

“What I’m working on is kind of a generational conflict and also…needs that are different as an immigrant, from the first generation to the kids — the second generation,” Lee said. “Immigrant parents are so focused on survival, food, clothing, housing, education. They want their children to do better than them. And then often when immigrant children are educated, they have new ideas, which I think really scares the immigrant. parent obedience hierarchy. It’s so funny to see immigrant parents sort of pick and choose the things they will adopt into the family. And that’s the irony of immigrant families and relatives who left a country that oppressed them. leaving because something wasn’t working there. And then when they come to America, they focus on economic progress. But often, the Social progress is not a priority. So I discovered that as a child of immigrants, I was straddling two worlds. . One was really old and the other was new. And I had to do a lot of code switching when I went from home to school.

Besides being an acclaimed comic book artist, Lee is also known as an actress in shows such as “Tremors” and “Scrubs.”


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