Animated Series Character Just Created DC Comics Canon


Like Harley Quinn before her, a popular Batman: The Animated Series character who got her start on the show has just become DC Comics canon.

Warning! Spoiler for catwoman #43 by DC Comics

A Batman: The Animated Series The villain just became DC Comics canon, as Red Claw just made his comic book debut nearly 30 years after he first appeared on the iconic series. In catwoman #43 by DC Comics, Catwoman encounters Red Claw, who offers her a warning that she has far more to fear from her than any man. It’s a surprise first appearance for Red Claw, who hasn’t appeared outside of the classic anime series.

There aren’t many more beloved and influential anime series than Batman: The Animated Series by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Mitch Brian, a DC Comics television series that ran from 1992 to 1995. One of the series’ most memorable villains was Red Claw (voiced by Kate Mulgrew), who appeared in the same episode as Catwoman’s BTAS debut. Working alongside a terrorist organization (with matching claw tattoos), Red Claw, a dangerous arms dealer, fought with Batman and Catwoman after the group attempted to take over a cougar sanctuary. Red Claw’s plans were often huge, as she tried to release a deadly plague virus only to be arrested and later helped set off a series of missiles in England.


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In catwoman #43 by Tini Howard, Bengal, Jordie Bellaire and Tom Napolitano, Catwoman and Harley Quinn have a crime-fighting weekend. Selina Kyle agrees to do whatever Harley wants, and the boisterous anti-hero chooses to take on a roller derby event. However, while the couples are heading to a motel, a mysterious threat pursues them. Catwoman assumes Black Mask hired someone to kill her (which is true), but the man’s identity is not revealed despite a violent, close encounter the night before heading to the derby. However, at the event, Catwoman encounters Red Claw, who makes her first appearance in DC Comics canon and outside of Batman: The Animated Series.

Red Claw First Appearance DC Comics

It’s fun to see Red Claw make her debut, even though her first appearance is just the one page where she threatens Catwoman. Batman: The Animated Series introduced a handful of new characters that would later become DC Comics canon. Most famously, Harley Quinn made the leap from Batman: The Animated Series to the comics, becoming one of DC’s most popular anti-heroes. However, a handful of other characters, including Condiment King, Nora Fries, and Renee Montoya, also debuted on the show before making it to the comic book page. And now, nearly 30 years later, it’s Red Claw’s turn.

It will be fascinating to see if DC Comics canonizes its past relationship with Batman and Catwoman from its animated series adventures. But, even if they don’t, seeing Red Claw’s debut in DC Comics canon nearly 30 years after its first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series is a welcome sight. We can’t wait to see what new adventures red claw rises while being a villain for Catwoman.

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