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Spoiler at the Sasaki and Miyano season 1 finale

One of my favorite anime series so far this year has been Sasaki and Miyano, a wholesome love story between two boys who bond while reading BL (boys’ love) manga. While the dub still has a few episodes to go, the subtitled version aired its finale and ended it with a delightful little announcement.

A new anime project has already been greenlit for Sasaki and Miyano!

How did season 1 end?

The entire first season of Sasaki and Miyano has been a heartwarming slow burn between the two main characters. Miyano tried to sort through his feelings for his upperclassman while trying to figure out what it even means to to like somebody. Sasaki not only gives Miyano time to process his emotions, but he also continues to be friends with him, with the two still reading and discussing the BL manga they love. While Sasaki has times when he absolutely wants to be closer to Miyano, he gives him space so he can decide for himself or apologizes if he feels like he’s overstepped his bounds. .

It’s refreshing, actually, to watch a story about a crush where the characters are still friends and no one is pressuring anyone to make a decision.

In the season finale, Miyano finally makes up his mind, admits his feelings out loud to Sasaki, and the two reunite. A hug and holding hands are just as important as the kiss we receive (two, actually!) and I really appreciated how important all forms of intimacy were, right down to the two phone numbers FINALLY trades. After the credits, the two tell their friends about it (most of whom have already figured it out), and everyone is legitimately happy for them.

What shall we do now?

What could be the new anime project?

There are two things we could get in this upcoming anime project: a second season or a movie. The manga currently has eight volumes in Japan and is still ongoing, with four volumes licensed in the United States (volume five will be released in April 2022 by Yen Press). Besides the manga, there are novels and a spin-off focusing on two other characters from the series.

What’s great about the manga is that the story doesn’t end with Sasaki and Miyano meeting. In fact, we see them as a couple figuring out what it means to go from classmates to friends to boyfriends. There are also times when we can see other people’s reactions to them, such as their friends and family members. This, technically, isn’t in the licensed volumes yet, but the ongoing manga chapters in Japan are already dealing with both of these situations which would be great to see in a new season, if that’s what we get. With the manga still ongoing, we could absolutely get a season two.

Or it’s possible we’re focusing on Hirano and his roommate (who, if you know where to look, was shown in the animated series). These two have their own story in the manga, which will make Miyano a very happy fanboy.

Why is this a big deal

There’s a lot of queer content in manga, but when it comes to anime, we don’t always get an entire series, let alone a dubbed series. That’s not to say there aren’t queer anime (or anime characters), but when you think about the amount of anime out there, there aren’t many 12 stories. episodes dedicated to canonically queer characters. I’m very used to queer anime being a movie, a short-lived series, anime that isn’t dubbed, or something that doesn’t get as much press as all the rest.

Sasaki and Miyano has a good ending point in its first season, so I honestly expected it to end there. I’m not used to queer anime getting more content after the season ends. There are some examples like Given live-action and live-action film adaptations Cherry magic to obtain live action movies, but I usually expect queer anime to have a version and that’s it. That’s why the announcement of a new anime project right at the end of the finale is quite exciting. We didn’t have to wait months wondering if they would continue the story, it’s right there at the end of the episode.

Can’t wait to see what else is in store Sasaki and Miyano. If nothing else, I can’t wait to re-watch those last two episodes as they’re dubbed.

(Image: Shō Harusono/Studio DEEN/Funimation)

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