April 24, 2022 editorial cartoons: End of mask mandates, destruction of Ukraine, Earth Day


A federal judge in Florida has overturned the requirement for travelers to wear masks on planes, trains and at travel centers to curb the spread of Covid-19. The Justice Department will appeal to the request of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which instituted the mask mandate.

Chicago Tribune editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis, writer of this week’s lead cartoon, said it didn’t really matter, given that so few people were wearing masks properly. Bill Bramhall of the New York Daily News noted the inconsistency experienced by travelers in New York City subways (mask required), airlines (no mask required) and taxis (masks required). Walt Handelsman of the New Orleans Times-Picayune/The Advocate lured airline passengers to the gate — half with masks, half without, and all looking unhappy.

The cartoonists also commented on: the continuing war in Ukraine, where Russian bombs are wiping out towns and villages and the civilians who lived there; the 52nd Earth Day commemorations amid growing concerns about climate change; President Joe Biden’s domestic political turmoil as inflation and gas prices hit Americans; the GOP’s January 6 issue; Disney at odds with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over state’s new ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law; and the end of CNN’s new streaming service, CNN+, just three weeks after its launch.

The cartoons were drawn by Nick Anderson, Bill Bramhall, Dana Summers, Drew Sheneman, Scott Stantis, Walt Handelsman, David Horsey, Phil Hands, Joel Pett, and Joey Weatherford of Tribune Content Agency; and AF Branco, Mike Luckovich and Michael Ramirez of Creators Syndicate.

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