Are the X-Men from Doctor Strange 2 the characters from the animated series?


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness undoubtedly holds surprises for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans that can only be guessed at until the film opens. Patrick Stewart’s cameo won’t be among them, having made a brief voice-only appearance in the official trailer, and now new footage has been released that seems to confirm that. Stewart’s Charles Xavier will be back for Multiverse of Madnesswith all the heady implications that entails.

But what version of Professor X will he be? The multiverse has opened up several possibilities, and even the oldest x-men the films were not bound by any formal continuity (although more from lack of oversight than any formal plan). And while live-action films offer multiple X-Professors to choose from, the new footage makes an entirely different suggestion: the Charles Xavier in Multiverse of Madness is the same of X-Men: The Animated Series.

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Fox x-men the films have been a disaster from a continuity standpoint, with many contradictions and logical holes encompassing its ups and downs as a franchise. They can be forgiven in large part because they were breaking new ground: finding mainstream success for Marvel heroes for the first time. Now, with the multiverse in play, the equation changes dramatically.

It’s already easy to deduce at least two emerging universe variants from the Fox films. The first is the relatively happy ending of X-Men: Days of Future Past, with Jean, Xavier, the school and the dream of Professor X alive and well. The second is the end of Logan, much darker and more nihilistic, which ends with the deaths of Logan and Xavier, though a new generation of mutants survive to pursue the dream. This is important because the Xavier in Multiverse of Madness is certainly not the Xavier of Logan, who was no longer among the living and completely unable to control his powers. So far the days of future past version seemed like a better option for those reasons alone.

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But the most recent Multiverse of Madness The TV spot brings something new into the equation. It includes a brief photo of Xavier’s arm resting on his chair, which is an unusual shade of bright yellow. Which corresponds to the chair of The animated series, the groundbreaking Saturday morning cartoon that ran for five seasons on Fox starting in 1992. Marvel’s characters were largely unknown to mainstream fans beyond a few perennials like Spider-Man and Hulk, and the show served introduction to Xavier and his students for an entire generation. It has earned praise for its tight adherence to the visual appearance and storylines of the comics, and the revival X-Men ’97 for Disney+ was met with universal acclaim when it was first announced.

Using Xavier’s The animated series would allow the MCU to take the concept in a number of interesting directions. It could, for example, be expanded to include friendlier variants of Marvel mutants, like a thief more akin to the Amazon powerhouse of the 80s and 90s than the so-memorably pensive teenager played by Anna Paquin. It would also make it easier for Xavier to come to terms with the concept of the multiverse since the anime series often went in similar directions with its storylines. Perhaps more importantly, a Xavier specifically from the animated series would, by definition, not be from any of the previous live-action films, allowing Stewart to find a new wrinkle on one of his iconic characters. .

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems to be jam-packed with compelling content, with Xavier probably just a small component. But with the concept of the multiverse itself playing such a central role in the film, and with the MCU knocking the ball out of the park with its Spider-Trio in Spider-Man: No Coming Home, the specific incarnation of Professor X could have huge implications for the rest of Phase Four. The animated version – or some variation of it – could easily liberate the MCU from past live-action movies, allowing the powers that be to reinvent the X-Men in any way they choose. It remains to be seen if all or part of this theory will make it into the final cut.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opens in theaters May 6.


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