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[Panel 1]: Sebastian, wearing an N95 mask and his work uniform, stands in a grocery store aisle, assisting a customer; the customer is an older man with short hair, wearing small round glasses and wearing a long-sleeved shirt and striped pants.
Customer: Hi, do you still have the $6.99 olive oil?

[Panel 2]: Close-up side view of Sebastian, holding a bottle of olive oil in front of his face for the man to see.
Sebastian: Oh yeah! Here. It’s in a new package – still at the same price though.

[Panel 3]: Close-up of the man’s face, who holds his index finger to his forehead as he explains a realization he just had to Sebastian.
Customer: You know, I have this funny little memory… Wasn’t Popeye’s girlfriend called Olive Oil?

[Panel 4]: Zooming out, Sebastian is turned away from the man and faces shelves of products. The man faces the same direction but looks at Sebastian as he continues to tell Sebastian about the Popeye cartoon series.
Customer: I think she was. Have you seen this show before? Are you too young to have seen it?
Sebastian: Oh I’ve seen re-rides on Cartoon Network.
Customer: But have you ever REALLY watched it?
Sebastian: I mean, I haven’t seen more than a few episodes…

[Panel 5]:Close up of the man’s face, looking amused as he continues to talk.
Customer: It’s the best.

[Panel 6]: Close-up of Sebastian’s face, who looks at the man with an expression of uncertainty. The man (now out of frame) continues to talk.
Customer: There is no such thing.

[Panel 7]: Zooming out, the back of Sebastian’s head is visible as he gazes at the man, who is holding olive oil in his left hand and pointing with his right index finger, still talking to Sebastian about Popeye. Images from popular cartoons like SpongeBob, The Simpsons, Minions and other images like smiley faces, birds, planets and coins surround the man, illustrating what’s going through Sebastian’s head as he plays. ‘He listens.
Customer: None of this would be possible without Popeye. None of that.

[Panel 8]: Cut to Sebastian, taking in what the man said, looking down in bewilderment. More footage surrounds Sebastian as he processes what he just heard, like the Facebook logo, fidget spinners, an N95 mask and cartoon characters like Pikachu, Squidward, Bart Simpson and other minions .
Sebastian (repeating the man): None of this would be possible without Popeye.


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