Aussie comedian Claudia O’Doherty lives the American Dream in Killing It



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The female lead role in To kill him – the new narrative comedy series from the creators of Brooklyn nine-nine, Craig Robinson’s co-star of that sitcom as a down on luck bank security guard – wasn’t supposed to be Australian. But Claudia O’Doherty from the Netflix comedy Love beat out several top American comedians (whom she won’t name) to win the role of Jillian G, a deranged con artist who bludgeons wild Burmese pythons to death for government financial incentives.

“When I saw the scripts, I was really excited because it was really funny,” O’Doherty says. “I read a lot [of scripts] then choose not to audition for those who don’t make me laugh. It’s rare to read a TV script, especially for a pilot, where everything happens. It felt like a very established world, and all the characters are funny in their own way.

O’Doherty, the daughter of Mental As Anything founder and Mambo artist Reg Mombassa who could ‘never find work in Australia’, immediately saw the Crocodile Dundee the appeal of an Australian snake trainer, who wrote a sketch for Inside Amy Schumer in which she plays an incompetent and lustful snake doctor.

“When I auditioned, I told them I was comfortable with snakes. Well, not to an insane degree, but I’m definitely scared of rats, so if something is an enemy of a rat, I’m excited… I think that’s kinda ridiculous, the [American] Australians’ connection to reptiles. It makes me laugh, it’s so stupid. But it’s true, I’m comfortable with snakes.

To kill him is much more than snakes. A chaotic providence unites Jillian and Robinson’s character, Craig, in an escalating pursuit of the American dream. Race, class, poverty and capitalism are cornerstones of humor.


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