Autodesk acquires Loupe cloud-based animation pipeline software from Tangent Labs


In a blog post, Diana Colella, SVP, Entertainment & Media Solutions at Autodesk, explained how the acquisition would fit into the company’s existing business strategy:

We believe that a cloud-based production ecosystem for media and entertainment (M&E) is the right way to meet the future needs of the industry. Cloud-based workflows allow artists, producers and supervisors to work more efficiently and keep pace with the pace of production. It’s a journey we take together with our customers, partners, industry organizations, and even other software vendors.

This acquisition reinforces our mission, and I’m excited about what it brings to Autodesk: decades of production experience and extensive software expertise in areas such as asset management and real-time reporting and analytics. By combining this with Autodesk’s well-established leadership in production management and content creation, we can accelerate the development of our next-generation cloud production tools on the Autodesk platform for M&E.

Magnifier was launched publicly last year. It integrates all aspects of CG production in a single package, from asset and project management to rendering management, while reducing the need for an elaborate on-premise infrastructure. It is compatible with major software including Blender and Autodesk Maya. Support for Houdini from SideFX, Unreal from Epic Games, and Universal Scene Description (USD) from Pixar is planned.


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