Batman Fans Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series Premiere


Batman: The Animated Series debuted 30 years ago today, and fans are celebrating. Batman: The Animated Series remains a milestone for Batman and the animation industry. Building on the success of Tim Burton’s Batman films, Warner Bros. commissioned Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Mitch Brian to develop a new Batman cartoon to appeal to children. Since Burton’s films had a darker tone, the creative team was free to develop an equally mature version of DC’s Dark Knight. The result is a series with a mature tone that takes Batman seriously without pushing beyond grimdark parody territory.

Batman: The Animated Series also changed the face of the animation. Until its debut, action cartoons for children emphasized detailed character models (which could easily be turned into toys) at the expense of smooth animation, a style that culminated in X-Men: The Animated Serieswhich debuted two months after the Batman series. Batman: The Animated Series instead used Timm’s character designs, which used only the most essential lines, allowing for more graceful animation, a strategy adopted by many shows that followed, including DC Animated Universe shows (Superman: The Animated Seriesstatic shock, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited) that would follow.

In addition to all this, Batman: The Animated Series‘s vision of Gotham as a mix of noir and art deco forever changed how Batman fans imagine the iconic fictional city. Keep reading to see how fans on Twitter are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series.

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