Ben Wallace excoriates Vladimir Putin before the parade


This came as the G7 agreed on new sanctions for Russian financial firms in addition to banning or phasing out Russian oil imports to cripple the country’s economy.

The UK has announced new sanctions against Russia and Belarus to target £1.7bn of trade by raising tariffs on products such as platinum and palladium.

This will bring the total value of products subject to full or partial import and export sanctions since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to over £4billion.

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Hay fever meds are running out as pollen levels peak

As Met Office forecasters warn of high pollen levels over the next few days, stocks of hay fever medicine are running low due to a shortage of a common allergy medicine.

According to Boots, stocks of chlorphenamine maleate – which is the active ingredient in Piriton and other hay fever remedies – are running out in the industry.

This coincides with a high pollen forecast for most of England and Wales for the next few days, with temperatures of up to 23C expected this week with some light showers.

If you’re looking for a more natural solution, check out our guide to surprising hay fever remedies that could save your summer.

Baftas used as a “Tories out” platform by the winner

The creator of a BBC show named best drama winner at the Baftas demanded: “Get out the Tories”, in remarks hastily cut from the TV show.

This year’s ceremony was billed as a celebration of British television after two difficult years of production during the pandemic.

But like Anita Sing reports the event became a platform to attack the government over issues such as its handling of Covid. Check out the list of winners, including Jodie Comer as Help’s lead actress.

Political cartoon of the day

In his latest cartoon, Fan he imagines what happens behind the camera of Sir Keir Starmer’s public statements.

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Gove and Sunak ‘interfere’ | Liz Truss faces Cabinet opposition to her plan to tear up the Northern Ireland Protocol, The telegraph may reveal, despite claims, that he could provide decentralized government in the province. The Foreign Secretary is at the ‘vanguard’ of attempts to act unilaterally to overturn the Brexit deal following local elections. The issue has become more pressing after last week’s poll in which Sinn Fein became Northern Ireland’s largest party, as the prospect of direct government from Westminster risks further fueling nationalism.

Around the world: Vigils in front of the homes of magistrates

Pro-abortion choice activists held vigils outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts over the weekend to protest a leaked ruling that would overturn the outcome of the Roe v. Wade. After what has been described as a constitutional earthquake in America, David Millward reports that the campaign is expected to intensify with other protests already planned.


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