Bob’s Burgers: Tina Belcher’s Best Picks


Arguably one of the funniest animated characters on TV right now, Tina Belcher (Dan Mintz) has something to seduce the viewer. From his wild imagination to his unique way with words, Bob’s Burgers created by Loren Bouchard just wouldn’t be the same without some classic Tina storylines. And when it comes to these, they often revolve around her raging hormones and her obsession with boys. Seemingly able to fall in love in the blink of an eye (or at the sight of a goose), she is rarely without a crush. So in anticipation of who she might fall in love with when Bob’s Burgers hits the big screen next month, it seems like the perfect time to look back at everyone who’s captured Tina’s heart so far.


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Jimmy Jr.

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Her oldest crush, Jimmy Jr. (H. Jon Benjamin), has held a firm place in Tina’s heart since the start of Season 1. The son of Bob Belcher’s (H. Jon Benjamin) nemesis, Jimmy Pesto (Jay Johnson), the owner of the pizzeria across the street, Jimmy Jr. unfortunately does not quite share Tina’s feelings. However, although she never becomes the full reality of her many fantasies, she does share some exciting moments with her dream boy. Several kisses are had, as well as some heart to heart. Although she best sums up her relationship with Jimmy Jr. when she tells a friend that she’s “half-involved with somebody, and he’s half-uninvolved with me, but we’re working on it.” .

Jeff, the ghost

bobs burgers jeff the phantom
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After summoning a spirit, which a Ouija board confirmed to be a 13-year-old boy named Jeff, Tina falls in love with him. Imprinting Jeff’s name on her mother’s Easy Breezy shoebox, she and her boxed spirit are inseparable. From butterfly sanctuary and carnival dates to painting a couple, it finally seems like Tina has found the one (even if he doesn’t respond). But used to being the bait of a bully, she is led to believe that Jeff has left her for a rich and popular girl, Tammy (Jenny Slate). Although all’s well that ends well, this leads Tina to realize that she doesn’t need a boy to “look out” for her when she can look out for herself. Maybe not a sentiment she’s holding on to, but definitely a closure on her crush on Jeff.

Jordan Cagan

bobs burgers jordan cagan
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Graffiti artist, known as “Ghost Boy”, aka Jordan Cagan (Nathan Fielder) is the ultimate bad boy. And with Tina trying to prove to Tammy that she’s not an “unsalted pretzel,” he’s just what she needs. The two form a tagging team, spreading the ghost face graffiti around the city. However, when he suggests tagging the city’s historic land ship, her conscience gets the better of her and she parts ways with Jordan. Throwing a tantrum after being dumped, Tina assures him (in her signature blunt style) that one day he’ll meet a girl “who doesn’t care about bad kisses or the law”.

Rodrigo, the Spanish audio voice

bobs burgers rodrigo the audio voice
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When Tina finds herself in a funk and, in turn, begins to fail Spanish, she is sent to take mandatory Spanish audio lessons at the library. And when Rodrigo, 15 years old (Julio Torres) is one of the voices, learning a language takes a completely different turn for her. Instantly transported to romantic Spanish dates in her mind, it doesn’t take long for her to lift her spirits. But, worried about their sister, Gene (Eugene Mirman) and Louise (Kristen Schal) intervene to make him understand the meaning. While not the healthiest crush, her Spanish is improving dramatically, so maybe it was worth it in the end.


bobs burgers josh
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In Bob’s Burgers‘ take charge Cinderellaat Tina and Josh (Ben Schwartz) The love story begins with a simple bandage. When sparks fly after meeting through the shelves of a milk fridge, the bandage that falls off her finger is all she has left of her mysterious boy. After a long and arduous hunt for him (which involves lining up the boys to see if the dressing fits), they are finally reunited and share a passionate kiss.

Reappearing in two more episodes, which see him embroiled in a love triangle with Tina and Jimmy Jr., and trying to impress Tina with his tap dancing, it’s one of his rarest and most enduring crushes.

Jairo, the Capoeira teacher

bobs burgers jairo
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This long-haired Brazilian lothair stole Tina’s heart as soon as she saw him swinging from the studio window. Instructor of a “deadly form of street fighting” called capoeira, Jairo (Jon Glaser) fills Tina’s head with ideas. From “toothpaste insults your teeth” to only needing “two hours of sleep a night,” her life advice hit home. Although, when she begins to shy away from her responsibilities at the restaurant, Bob doesn’t take her new one very well Torn between her loyalty to her family and Jairo’s dreamy accent, she eventually decides that home is really where it is. heart and quits class, leaving another crush in his wake.


Bobs Burgers Darryl
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This Valentine’s Day episode sees Tina fall in love with the school’s math nerd, Darryl (Aziz Ansari) after agreeing to stage a fake relationship (and breakup) to crack him up. It seems that even anime characters can’t survive fake dating without falling in love. And even Jimmy Jr. asking her out wasn’t enough to derail Tina’s feelings for Darryl. However, once Darryl lists all the things they don’t have in common, Tina begins to realize that he’s actually better off with his crush after all.

Bruce, the goose

bobs burgers bruce the goose
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Possibly his weirdest crush yet, and for this character, it’s even weirder. For a girl who isn’t afraid to be in a relationship with a box, this one even beats that. Enter Bruce, the goose. After not being invited to prom by the one and only Jimmy Jr., she finds solace in a lonely goose down by the pond. Realizing that he’s the perfect listener, as well as the fact that Bruce won’t leave her again, her new crush is in full force. Regaling her family with stories of her and Bruce trying not to laugh when “a duck came by and dropped a piece of bread,” it almost seems like Jimmy Jr. is forgotten.

But once again, Tina finds herself cast aside for another. When Bruce sets his sights on his ideal partner (another goose), it means goodbye for Tina. Although, despite the hilarity of the situation, it’s hard not to feel a little twinge of sadness for Tina as she mourns yet another special link.


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