BRZRKR Co-Creators Explain How The Anime Series Will Be Different From The Original Comic


The creators of BRZRKR explained how the anime series will differ from the source material in the comics. The comics, created by Keanu Reeves, tell the story of the immortal warrior Berzerker who embarks on a bloody quest to discover the origins of his existence. The novel is now on sale. Animation, is Reeves’ debut in comics, with Kindt as co-writer and Gurney illustrating.

As of this year, Netflix announced that it would turn BRZRKR into a series and a feature film. In addition to playing Berzerker in the live-action version, Reeves will also lend his voice to the anime. It’s not yet known about the two adaptations, but it was confirmed during the SDCC panel that the anime will be produced by Production IG, best known for their work on Ghost in the Shell and Invasion! High school girls basketball. It has already been confirmed that the BRZRKR anime will have two seasons, and both projects will still retain the brutal aesthetic and tone of the comics.

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Kindt and Garni explained the difference between the anime and the comics, explaining that the story of the series has become an independent living world. Without revealing too many details, Kindt explains that the series is identical but very different and that even in its debut, it looks amazing. Gurney says the show is growing and the experience has been very positive.

Matt Kindt: I don’t know anything. But I will say that I saw something that looked amazing. I won’t say anything about it. And what was cool was seeing how they took our thing and then turned it into something similar but completely different. There is only the look and the visuals.

Ron Gurney: Watching evolution is like moonlight. Evolution takes many years; in this case, it seems to happen very quickly. You have to live with your own life and grow and grow; you don’t have different forms. It’s all incredible.

Although neither of the co-creators is directing any part of the anime production, their first impression is that the series is taking what they’ve created and turning it into something familiar and new by the day.


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