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Warner Bros. just released their first major trailer for Multiversus and revealed a short list of characters available for the platform fighting game. The list is impressive, spanning many different series – some for kids, like the one from Cartoon Network. Steven Universe, and some for adults, like Arya Stark from Game Of Thrones. The game will adopt a free-to-play model, which means there will most likely be content updates and added characters and costumes from all of the Warner Bros. ‘ Properties. The characters shown so far were just the start of a long list of possible characters ranging from their TV networks to their feature films.


Cartoon Network is the leading animation channel under the Warner Bros. banner. and its history with classic shows like Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s lab, and Super girls rivals the Nickelodeon and Disney collection with their daring humor and memorable characters. Currently, Adventure time ‘s Finn and Jake – as well as Steven Universe – have been confirmed but the full roster of characters from the Multiversus the trailer is not representative of the full scope of the game. Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network will likely add more characters, but Warner Bros. has not yet confirmed them.

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One of the main draws of cross platform fighters is their ability to let anyone fight anyone else. Warner would miss out on some great opportunities if it weren’t for adding more scenes and characters geared towards a younger audience. There are plenty of characters from Cartoon Network’s catalog, like the already announced Shaggy and Batman, whose personalities would fit in perfectly with the cast of. Multiversus. Here are some Cartoon Network characters who might have some fun moves and would be exciting to play.

MultiVersus: Gumball from the Amazing World of Gumball is a role model

Gumball and Darwin

Already announced Finn, Jake and Shaggy make it easy to predict that one of Cartoon Network’s other modern tent poles, The Amazing World of Gumball, will probably be represented in Multiversus. The show has a unique visual energy with its collage-style animation mixing all kinds of wacky character designs, even with Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared at one point. While translating him into a platform fighter can be difficult, the game already has Arya Stark as a playable character on the roster – so it won’t be the strangest property to incorporate.

Gumball has been played by multiple voice actors over the course of the series, and his character designs have been changed slightly, which might even be an opportunity to introduce multiple skins and separate voice lines. While the character doesn’t have any defining moves or attacks on his show, he does have a manic, childish personality. Using a quick and brisk movement set based on simple punches and kicks would fit her character on the show and leave the younger ones Multiversus players take the game more easily.

Which Ed could be playable in Multiversus is confusing

ed edd n eddy

Ed, Edd and Eddy is a classic from the late 90s and early 2000s that involved the three main characters roaming the city plotting to buy jaws. The show is highly regarded and with the large pool of alternate characters and costumes Multiversus could have, one of the Eds could be the series rep for the new game. Putting them all three together could work as Pokémon Trainer in Ultimate smash, but while they often work together as a unit, each Ed has their own unique personality and would be better suited to their own characters.

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In an ideal world all three would be playable at launch, but if there’s one with the best odds, it would probably be Ed. His raw strength makes him an obvious choice for a fighting game and his manners feel. like home for comic relief. There is certainly a lot of slapstick and physical humor like Tom and Jerrythat would translate well, and Ed would be the best character to wield that power in Multiversus.

Chowder could get a playable character in MultiVersus

Chowder isn’t designed as powerful as Kirby with his copy abilities making him stronger, but his insatiable appetite draws immediate parallels. Leader-based movesets already exist in the form of Kirby’s Smash Bros. Brawl Final Smash as well as the various pots and pans owned by the other characters in this game (for example, Peach and Mr. Game and Watch). With the show increasingly acclaimed on the internet and Shaggy already becoming “Ultra Instinct,” this could be a character who brings the same kind of humor and playstyle to Warner. Multiversus.

The show is best known for its theme around food and cooking as well as its fourth wall-breaking humor – the former is said to be clubbing other characters with kitchen equipment and the latter is something the doubling lines could add. Adding vocal lines from the supporting cast like Mung Daal and Schnitzel could also make the act of fighting Chowder feel more like a fun community effort and bring more jokes to Multiversus‘characters and list.

Dee Dee from Dexter’s lab could be a creative multiversus character design

One of the character styles that still exist in the best casual fighting games, much to the chagrin of opponents, is the “troll” character. Dexter will likely appear as a character before Dee Dee, but it’s very possible that when she does, she’ll be as distraught as she was on the show. His character in Multiversus could be a blessing for those who wish to play the role of a character who wins by accident.

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Dee Dee has always been known to play around with Dexter’s inventions, and having a character that uses ranged attacks and stuns would be perfect. His carefree, giddy demeanor could best be described in a move similar to Villager’s from Ultimate smash, with her potions unleashed and her buttons popping, she’s not supposed to. Systematically having her break Dexter’s experiences and give her opponents negative effects would bring a chaotic aura to the battles in which she participates.

Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show must be in MultiVersus

Regular video game show

The first episode of Regular show Mordecai and Rigby battle a doll in their bedroom before smashing the wall and embarking on their first adventure to pay for repairs. The show is one of many to reference street fighter. There is an episode where Rigby learns chops and karate “death” kicks. During the show, they use everything to fight – from magic keyboards and fireworks to arm wrestling. Make these two characters fighters in Multiversus feel good.

This duo and their hit TV show have always had an irreverent style of humor that pits them against doomsday threats. Some might argue that their popularity on the Internet has eclipsed their popularity during the current period of Regular show. JG Quintel and William Salyers give unique and hilarious vocal performances and their characters would add more contemporary internet humor to the world of Multiversus.

There are definitely more characters who could (and probably should) come into Warner Bros. ‘ Multiversus, but it’s fun to think of the anime characters that might make the list because of their art style that naturally fits into the cartoon nature of the game. If characters like Neo from The matrix or Rick from Casablanca being part of the game, their art style is going to be drastically different from their source material. Cartoon Network’s collection of animated shows makes sense for a game like Multiversus and characters like Dee Dee and Mordecai could help appeal to old and new players. If the game is successful, watch its selection of characters expand to include characters like the Teen Titans and characters from Total Dramatic Island could give fans reason to come back for years to come.

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