Clone Wars Official Disney+ Viewing Order Revealed


Disney is sharing the official sequential viewing order for Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+, suggesting fans rewatch the show.

Disney has shared the updated official chronological viewing order for the hit animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, encourage a rewatch of the series now that everything is available on Disney+. In October 2012, Disney purchased Lucasfilm for over $4 billion, giving Disney the rights to the entire star wars franchise. Since the acquisition, Disney has released several original Star Wars content, including five feature films and a slew of exclusive series on their streaming platform. In addition to these wildly successful programs, Disney has dozens of star wars ongoing projects for the foreseeable future.


One of the properties Disney got in this purchase was a fan-favorite series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Originally airing on Cartoon Network, this series began as a standalone animated film that eventually grew into a full series covering the events that transpired between Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. The series was canceled before it could get an official ending, but Disney released a final season of the show on Disney+ to give the show the finale it deserved.

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Earlier today, Disney shared an updated version of the official sequential viewing order for Star Wars: The Clone Wars through the star wars Twitter Account. The tweet included a link to a blog on that covers episodes a viewer should watch if they want to enjoy the series in chronological order, including the movie and the show’s final season. The tweet recommends fans rewatch the series as the entire catalog is now available on Disney+ and even includes links to individual episodes.

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love for Star Wars: The Clone Wars is still evident nearly 15 years after the series began. A lot star wars fans consider it some of the best content the franchise has to offer. The popularity of the series is so massive that Disney+ made a sequel series, The bad lotwhich follows Clone Force 99 after the events of Order 66. Additionally, one of the The Clone Wars’ the main characters, Ahsoka, will also receive a standalone show after appearing in The Mandalorian.

Disney keeps pushing star wars at the forefront of its content. With the annual star wars Party Due out late next month, fans can expect a plethora of updates and announcements for the future. star wars content. Until this new content hits streaming platforms and theaters, fans can hold on to streaming Star Wars: The Clone Wars or one of the other amazing star wars content on Disney+.

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