Cowboy Bebop: how old are the characters?


Since the anime’s release in 1998, Cowboy Bebop saw a massive amount of public and critical love. The recent release of the original Netflix, based on the original animated show, has seen a resurgence of interest in the series. A lot of Cowboy BebopThe popularity of is due to its diversity of interesting and complex characters.

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However, with characters ranging from super intelligent dogs to scholarly kids hacking children to assassins wielding swords and more, it can be difficult to determine the ages of these characters for new fans of the series. Fortunately, there is enough information gleaned from the dense plots of the series to determine the chronological mysteries of key characters such as Faye’s actual age (she’s older than she looks) and how young Edward really is on the show.


Spike spiegel

Split image of smiling Spike and Spike sitting on sofa in Cowboy Bebop.

Spike is the tired, laid back, and highly skilled protagonist of Cowboy Bebop. Growing up on Mars, Spike will eventually join the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate, where he will meet other characters important to the tale of Cowboy Bebop, notably Vicious, and Spike’s possible lover, Julia.

However, he ended up leaving the Syndicate after a traumatic injury, shortly after becoming a bounty hunter, a role he retained for the duration of the series. For the complexity and nuance of Spike’s life, the character is relatively young. According to IndieWire, Spike was only 27 during the events of Cowboy Bebop, which sparked backlash when 49-year-old John Cho was cast for the Netflix live-action version of the series.

Faye valentin

Split image of sitting Faye and Faye with a knife outside in Cowboy Bebop.

Despite her youthful appearance, Faye Valentine is the oldest member of the main cast of Cowboy Bebop according to While she appears to be 23, Faye has spent 54 years in suspended animation, which makes her 77 years chronologically.

This dichotomy acts as the central core of Faye’s character. After Faye loses much of her memory while in suspended animation, her main motivation is to find out what happened in her past, while also trying to find her own place in the difficult future in which she is now. Faye also has a complex relationship with Spike and the other crew members of the Be-bop, showing a sense of deep reserve and self-sufficiency.

Jet black

Split image of Jet lounging on a chair and Jet on the street floor at Cowboy Bebop.

An inter-solar system police officer before becoming prime after losing his arm. Jet met Spike about four years before the events of Cowboy bebop, giving the characters a sense of camaraderie from the start of the series.

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Jet led a life as complicated as any other crew member of the Bebop, but just like Spike, his life experiences do not reveal his age. Like most of the main characters in the series, Jet is relatively young. Even so, Jet is the second oldest character in the Be-bopof the crew and is 36 years old.


Split image of Ein at his food bowl and Ein hugged by Faye in Cowboy Bebop.

Ein may only be called a member of the show’s crew by the highest standards, but is considered one of the Cowboy Bebopthe nicest characters in. Ein is a data dog, a modified Pembroke Welsh Corgi who has been given enhanced intelligence. Ein is more of a mascot than an actual crew member, but soon forms a strong bond with the child pirate Ed.

Unlike the other characters in Cowboy Bebop, however, Ein never has a definitive age. Fortunately, there are some qualities in her appearance that can help her approach an age. Ein is slightly smaller than other corgis, and a lack of gray fur means he’s most likely relatively young, perhaps 1 or 2 years old.


Split image of Edward smiling outside and Edward looking at the viewer in Cowboy Bebop.

Edward, or Ed, is a child prodigy with computers and is hands down the youngest character on the Bebop crew. Ed, also known as “Radical Edward,” makes her first appearance halfway through the animated series, and her carefree demeanor and utterly chaotic sense of joviality sets her apart from the rest of the main cast.

However, much of that, and her almost instant connection with the Ein Data Dog, can easily be explained by her age. Ed is only 13, but his hacking skills make him a powerful Cowboy Bebop character and provide benefits to the crew beyond what most people his age could offer.


Split image of Vicious standing and Vicious after a fight in Cowboy Bebop.

Vicious is the main antagonist of Cowboy Bebop, and in many ways can be seen as a foil for Spike. While they both originally worked for the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate, Spike’s eventual departure from a life of organized crime caused an irreparable rift between the two comrades in arms.

The backstory between Spike and Vicious forms one of the most important and best character arcs in Cowboy Bebop, and Vicious has several appearances throughout the series. As such, it’s almost poetic that Spike and Vicious share the same age, as both are 27 years old.


Split image of smiling Gren and Gren in a bar looking at the camera in Cowboy Bebop.

Grencia, also known as Gren, is a character with deep connections to Vicious. Gren and Vicious were both veterans of the War of the Titans, a bloody conflict that took place before the main events of Cowboy Bebop. Gren and Vicious fought in the same company, but Gren was ultimately tried as a spy and sent to jail. After hearing that Vicious had apparently testified against him, Gren began to plot against this former soldier. During the events of Cowboy Bebop, Gren is roughly the same age as most of the other characters and is said to be around 29.


Split image of Julia smoking and Julia singing into microphone in Cowboy Bebop.

Julia is another incredibly important character in the history of Cowboy Bebop, although she is not a member of the crew of the titular vessel. Julia was another affiliate of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate, but helped Spike regain his health after choosing to leave the criminal enterprise and was seriously injured.

Julia’s relationship with Spike, though her appearances are limited, is vital to Cowboy Bebop‘s history, just like his animosity with Vicious. Interestingly, she shares another trait with Spike and Vicious as Julia is also 27 during the events of Cowboy Bebop.

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