Danny DeVito’s Devilish Cartoon Sparks Satanic GOP Panic


Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) couldn’t sleep Sunday night. Louisiana State University had just lost a college football game, but Johnson was more troubled by something he saw between games: an ad for a new FX cartoon show featuring the actor Danny DeVito as Satan.

When advertising for FX’s Little demon appeared on the football show, Johnson later recounted in a Facebook post, he was quick to block his 11-year-old from seeing him.

“It bothers me so much,” Johnson later said on a radio show, recounting his encounter with an advertisement he said had helped put the fate of millions of souls on the line. “I wonder: how many children are exposed to it? »

If not for the ad, Johnson might never have heard of Little demon, an adult-oriented cartoon that also features actress Aubrey Plaza as a former Devil lover and DeVito’s daughter, Lucy DeVito, as their child. After seeing it, however, Johnson warned his followers to avoid the show and FX’s parent company, Disney.

“Disney and FX have decided to embrace and commercialize what is clearly wrong,” Johnson warned followers in a Facebook post. “STAY AWAY FROM THIS.”

Johnson closed the post with a Bible verse that warns that the devil is constantly on the hunt, “seeking whom he may devour.”

Thanks to Johnson’s Facebook post, which has been shared on the site more than 155,000 times, Little demon has become a new flashpoint in the right’s ongoing hunt for satanic influence.

“It’s not frivolous, light-hearted entertainment,” Johnson said during a radio appearance this week. “It is a serious and eternal matter and we must treat it as such”

Johnson did not respond to a request for comment.

The congressman is not the only one who fears that Little demon could bring viewers to the gates of hell. Popular right-wing blog The Gateway Pundit claimed the show was Disney’s latest step on “their march into darkness”. The author of a conservative film guide has warned the Christian Broadcasting Network that Little demon was proof of a “satanic revolution”.

Little demon follows its characters as Satan’s daughter learns that she is destined to be the Antichrist. As proof of the show’s demonic intent, its detractors have focused on an interview Plaza gave where the former Parks and recreation the star said Little demon “would normalize paganism”.

One Million Moms, a frequently outraged conservative Christian front group for the American Family Association, has issued an “urgent warning to parents” about Little demon and collected what they claim are over 29,000 signatures asking FX to cancel the show. The group compared Little demon to the Angelina Jolie movie produced by Disney Maleficentsaying the two were “located in a spiritually demonic realm”.

The Little demon The backlash comes at a good time for right-wing interest in the idea of ​​eradicating satanic influence. Conspiracy theories like QAnon and Pizzagate have helped popularize the fiction that global elites sexually abuse children in satanic rituals. In California, a Republican candidate for Secretary of State claimed this year that she was personally targeted by Satanists through a ritual sacrifice.

The Satanism allegations can even be turned against other Republicans. When former Trump national security adviser and QAnon star Michael Flynn used a prayer from an alleged cult during a church service, some of his former supporters turned on him, accusing him of inciting them to worship the devil.

The attacks on Little Demon mark the latest attempt by the right to portray Disney as being in cahoots with sinister forces. Earlier this year, conservatives baselessly accused the company of being pro-pedophile ‘trainers’ after the company withdrew support for Florida’s so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. .

During a local radio appearance on the Little demon controversy, Johnson said he feared DeVito’s show was making people more tolerant of Satanism through his “demon realm” jokes.

“Millions of people will lose the ability to recognize and reject what is clearly bad,” Johnson said.


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