DAREDEVIL Actor Elden Henson Reportedly Returning as Foggy Nelson for BORN AGAIN Disney+ Series


Elden Henson played a key role as Matt Murdock’s best friend and partner in Netflix daredevil series, and the actor is now rumored to reprise the role for the next born again Disney+ Show…

We were first led to believe that the next Daredevil: Born Again The Disney+ series is reportedly completely ignoring the events of the now-defunct Netflix show, and while that may still be the case (at least plot-wise), the project is starting to look more and more like a soft, tender to restart.

Star Charlie Cox did it recently confirmed this born again would be its own thing and shouldn’t be considered “Daredevil season 4,” but a new rumor has it that Matt Murdock will be joined by a familiar and friendly face from his Netflix days.

Scooper Daniel Richtman – who has a pretty solid track record with this stuff – reports (via his Patreon) that Elden Henson seems set to return as Foggy Nelson in born again. Foggy played a key role in all three seasons of daredevil as The Man Without Fear’s best friend and partner, and an integral part of the comics, so it’s no surprise the character features in this show.

If Henson does return, Marvel Studios clearly felt that revamping the part when Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio (Wilson Fisk) reprise their respective roles made little sense. Does this mean that Deborah Ann Woll will also be back as Karen Page? We haven’t heard anything about it yet, but we’d say there’s a good chance.

Daredevil: Born Again is sure to use some elements from the Marvel Comics arc of the same name, but a completely faithful adaptation of this dark story is highly unlikely. Hopefully some official details will be announced soon.


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