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While not the only one, Barry Allen has been The Flash for 65 years. Originally forensic chemist, one night Barry was working late when lightning struck a crate full of chemicals that flooded him, transforming him-a man with the reputation of being particularly slowin the fastest man in the world.

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After realizing that his newly acquired speed would help protect Central City, Barry vowed to take care of his city from any kind of threat. He then spent several years understanding the extent of his own abilities while circumventing the laws of physics, and he even realized he could time travel. This, coupled with his charming nature, makes Barry a fan favorite. No other superhero compares to The Flash, of course; However, there are several heroes in the cartoons who act, and sometimes even look like Barry Allen.

9 Quicksilver is Marvel’s Flash

Pietro Maximoff, also known as Quicksilver, is something like Marvel’s Flash. It is a mutant that appeared in The X Men # 4 for the first time in 1964 and whose main ability is to have super speed. Of course, Quicksilver uses this super speed to run really fast, but it can also use it for other things like creating cyclones and defying gravity just like Flash does.

Although their origin stories differ greatlyfor example, Pietro starts off as a villainPietro and Barry are very similar. First, their powers are almost identical. Besides, they both belong to one of the main supergroups in their universe: Pietro is an X-Men and Barry is a member of the Justice League.

8 Dexter Douglas is fast and strong like Barry Allen

freakazoid flashlight

In the 1995 series Freakazoid !, Dexter Douglas is a 16 year old computer genius who became Freakazoid after an accident with the Pinnacle chip inside his computer. After the crash, Dexter gained strength and endurance, along with occasional super speed, agility, and telekinetic abilities.

Although Freakazoid is based in Shazam, it is also very similar to Flash. They are two young men who run really fast and save the world in a super red costume after a freak accident changes them. Besides, they’re both very smart people.

Dash Parr was inspired by the flash

incredibles dashboard

Dashiell Robert Parr, or simply Dash, is the hyperactive middle child of the Parr family in The Incredibles. Much like his entire family, Dash has superhuman abilities that set him apart from other children without any explanation of his origins. Just like his dad is super strong, Dash is super fast.

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Dash and Barry Allen share the same set of superpowers. Since Dash is a kid, he’s never seen using them for more than just running, but he’ll likely learn the extent of his abilities as he gets older. The two superheroes look very similar: they are blond and they wear a red super costume. It is not a coincidence, The Incredibles“Producers have commented on The Flash as one of Dash’s main inspirations.

seven The Flash may have been an inspiration for Crimson Chin

crimson chin

Crimson Chin is a comic book superhero in the Strange fairy parents the universe of Nickelodeon. He’s a super strong, super fast talk show host, who gained his powers after being bitten by a radioactive celebrity on his show. He can also fly and has x-ray vision, among other random superpowers.

Chin’s origin story is clearly a spoof of Spider-Man, and his skill set reminds people of Superman, not Flash. However, his aesthetic is more like the Scarlet Speedster than any other superhero. He wears a red full body suit with a mask that covers only the top half of his face. His superhero name is also a clear nod to Flash’s other alias, Crimson Comet.

6 Mark Grayson and Barry Allen are a special kind of hero


Mark Grayson is a 17-year-old whose father is Omni-Man, one of the most powerful superheroes on the planet. Mark leads a normal life until he develops superpowers-super strength, super speed, improved healing factor and flightclearly inherited from his father. After that, he becomes Invincible, then he embarks on a journey of self-discovery to learn the true meaning of the word “hero”.

Although Mark and Barry share only one Super Power, they have very similar temperaments: they are kind, noble, and always ready to help. In addition, they share a known duty to the world and they understand their powers as a responsibility against evil.

5 Phineas Flynn and Barry Allen are leaders by nature

Phineas and Ferb from the Disney animated series

Phineas Flynn is the youngest child of the Flynn-Fletcher family in Phineas and Ferb. He is a smart, creative boy with a curious mind and a gift for leadership. He and his half-brother, Ferb, spend a lot of time immersed in several projects in their backyard.

Barry Allen isn’t a kid anymore in any of his iterations, but that doesn’t mean he’s not at heart. Much like Phineas Flynn, Flash is a smart, creative man whose heart is always in the right place. Additionally, Barry is able to command a great team, working as his boss. For example, although Barry is not the leader of the Justice League, he is the leader of Team Flash in the Arrowverse.

4 Woody & The Flash know loyalty is the most important thing

Woody smiles in Andy's room

Sheriff Woody Pride, commonly known as Woody, is the main character of the Toy story franchise. This is a vintage cowboy doll based on a cartoon character who is Andy Davis’ favorite toy. Woody is Andy’s toy leader and they all follow him on his adventures in and out of their child’s bedroom. He is a courageous and intelligent leader who considers loyalty the most important trait in people.

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Much like Woody, Barry Allen is one of the bravest characters in the DC Universe. He never backs down from a fight and he always has a smart plan to beat the bad guys. Just as Woody views his loyalty to Andy as a responsibility, the Flash understands his abilities as a duty to Central City and his teammates.

3 Speedy Gonzalez and the Flash run faster than everyone else

The fastest mouse in all of Mexico, Speedy Gonzalez is one of the many characters in the Looney Tunes and the Happy melodies cartoons. He’s a mouse dressed in a stereotypical Mexican outfit, who can run really fast and uses his speed to help friends and family.

Although Speedy Gonzalez doesn’t belong to a superhero group, he and Barry Allen are both faster than average. Granted, the Flash is faster, but that’s only because he’s a superhero, while Speedy isn’t. On top of that, the two characters have a slow counterpart: The Turtle for Flash and Slowpoke Rodriguez for Speedy Gonzalez.

2 Aang and Barry Allen are both goofy but heroic

Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender using his glider

Aang is a 12 year old Air Nomad who was born and raised to be the Avatar. For this reason, he is a very powerful fighter, able to use the four arts of bending: Airbending, Waterbending, Firebending, and Earthbending, and he also knows how to master the energy, which was a rare skill in its day.

Granted, Aang is much more powerful than Flash, and their super skill sets are quite different. However, Barry and the Avatar do share some personality traits that make them lovable heroes. For example, they’re goofy and fun, but they also know when to take things seriously. Overall, they are the heart and the glue of their own team.

1 Danny Phantom and The Flash both live double lives

Danny Phantom

Daniel Fenton is a 14-year-old boy who infused his DNA with ectoplasm and became a half-human, half-ghost with abilities such as invisibility, flight, human control, and possession. Calling himself Danny Phantom, he has become a superhero who protects Amity Park from other phantom threats. Unfortunately, most people see Danny himself as a threat.

Danny Fenton and Barry Allen don’t share powers, but they do have other things in common. For starters, they both choose to help people with their powers, although Danny struggles with that, they are also brave and selfless. On top of that, they have to conceal their identities to prevent people from judging them and risking the lives of those they love.

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