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DC will launch a new Batman Incorporated series as well as Batman V Robin



Batman Incorporated weather! Former Bleeding Cool reporter Chris Arran, best known for his long career as an editor at Newsarama/GamesRadar, who recently left to help out ReedPOP’s new geek entertainment news site Popverse, as editor-in-chief. And he chose the former THR reporter Graeme McMillan write for them – a smart move. DC Comics is adding another media partner to its roster, and ReedPOP is finding a new outlet to promote its comic book conventions, including NYCC, ECCC, C2E2 and MCM London this weekend. And they kicked off with an official DC Comics scoop for a new Batman Vs. Robin oversized series of five issues by Marc Waid and Mahmoud Asrar which relates to the current The best in the world Waid series and Dan Mora and it starts in September.

Batman V Robin

Damian and his father have to come to terms with something outside of their day-to-day fight against crime. “What I can say is that the first arc of World’s Finest is, was, and always was deliberately designed to lead into what is going to be Batman vs. Robin,” the writer teases. “What I was trying to do with Batman vs. Robin was try to take them into a realm that I’m not used to seeing them in, which is dark magic, sorcery, rather than science, rather than logic and detective stuff. We’ve seen Batman and some kind of peripheral magic, but I want to get into it.”

And that this is part of a longer interview with Waid that will be released by Popverse at a later date. Well, obviously, I’m not just going to re-read someone else’s story without adding something new. Of course, Bleeding Cool doesn’t have the kind of relationship with DC Comics that Arrant and McMillan – and for that matter, ReedPOP have. So I’m going to have to take one from the ether as usual – or maybe it could have been last weekend’s Lake Comic Comic Art Festival? This is where we broke the news of Marvel and Conan, after all. So yes, accompanying the release of a batman versus robin miniseries, in September or October, DC Comics will publish a new Batman Incorporated series in October or November 2022.

    Batman Incorporated
Batman Incorporated

Batman Incorporated was created by Grant Morrison, Cameron Stewart and Frazer Irving for batman and robin #16 in 2010, but soon to expand into its own series, by Morrison and Yanick Paquette, which saw the Batman concept worldwide franchised into many cities that needed it, each getting their own local Batman, with a backing network from Wayne Enterprises. He created a number of new characters for membership as well as the use of some international characters from throughout Batman’s historical past, whether or not they are part of current DC canon. Caught between the reboot of the DC Universe with the New 52, ​​some characters had to be cut from the show, and were revived in 2012 with a new Morrison #1 and Chris Burnham.

Recently, the concept returned to the ongoing Batman comic, with Lex Luthor taking over the operation. Retrieving it, Batman has now entrusted the operation to the abrasive but rich Ghost-Maker, with Clown Hunter at his side, and it is the series that will be published, including a new character who will debut in the next Batman Annual.

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