Disney Celebrates 16 of the Multiverse Saga’s Biggest New MCU Heroes


D23 Expo is about to start! The three-day convention for all things Disney officially kicks off tomorrow. And of course, it’s not just Disney movies and shows that will be present at the event, but also everything the company owns, like Marvel, Star Wars, and the Avatar franchise.

The full-scale panel for live-action projects will be held on Saturday the 10th, and Marvel Studios is expected to make some important reveals for its upcoming plans with the multiverse saga. Could Dead Pool 3 be officially announced? Or maybe more info on Daredevil: Born Again will be given? Or maybe something to do with the Fantastic Four could even be revealed?

But before jumping into those other newer characters, a colorful display on the convention floor has been set up that commemorates several different MCU heroes.

D23 pays homage to MCU heroes

On the exhibit floor of D23, a large banner is displayed, featuring images of various characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (via Phase zero on Twitter).

Take a look at some shots taken from the banner below, which feature 15 ever-expanding MCU characters as it heads into the multiverse saga.

Here is a complete overview of the entire design, where Thor, shuri, Loki, Jane Foster, Moon Knight and the brand new Captain America, Sam Wilson may be seen.

Phase zero on Twitter

The close-ups show Shang Chi of his eponymous film, as well as Kate Bishop and Clint Barton of Hawk Eye.

D23 MCU character banner
Phase zero on Twitter

Wanda Maximoff aka, the Scarlet Witch looms, while Jennifer Walters strikes a pose, offering a nice, clear look at the character’s She-Hulk costume that she has yet to wear on the show.

D23 MCU character banner
Phase zero on Twitter

And finally, Wonders, both Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvelnext to Hope van Dyne and Scott Lang and the Master of the Mystical Arts himself, Dr.Stephen Strange.

D23 MCU character banner
Phase zero on Twitter

What might Feige have in store for the multiverse saga?

As mentioned above, Marvel Studios is part of a D23 Saturday presentation that could rival the impact felt at Comic-Con in San Diego in July.

At the SDCC, titles and dates have been given for the next two avengers movies and several other dates for upcoming MCU movies and shows for Phases 5 and 6 have been given. But these were only dates and the corresponding titles were retained.

Many believe that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige could take the stage at the event and fill in the rest of Phases 5 and 6 to fill in the missing pieces of the multiverse saga, but that obviously remains to be seen.

But at the very least hopefully new trailers are shown. The current rumor suggests that, among other things, the first look at Disney+ Secret Invasion could possibly be shown.

Either way, the panel (which also includes upcoming content from Lucasfilm) is sure to be a fun experience for those attending D23 and fans following back home.


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