Disney Original Documentary ‘Mickey: Story of a Mouse’ Gets Trailer


“It all started with a mouse,” the saying goes, and this fall Disney Original Documentary will release “Mickey: Story of a Mouse” worldwide on Disney+, which has released a first trailer.

About the documentary

As one of the world’s most beloved characters, Mickey Mouse is recognized as a symbol of childhood joy and innocence in virtually every corner of the globe.

Dreamed up at a low point in Walt Disney’s budding career, Mickey became an overnight sensation when he starred in the first synchronized-sound animated short, “Steamboat Willie.”

Over the decades since, the character has evolved into startlingly different versions of himself that reflect both his creator’s remarkable career and the dramatic societal changes in the nation he came to represent.

“Mickey: A Mouse’s Story” features legendary Disney animators Eric Goldberg, Mark Henn and Randy Haycock, as well as animator and Disney legend Floyd Norman. Art historian Carmenita Higginbotham, director of the Walt Disney Archives Rebecca Cline and archivist Kevin Kern also feature in the film.

With exclusive archival footage and interviews, the film examines the current artistic and cultural significance, as well as the controversies, surrounding the nearly 100-year-old cartoon mouse.

The documentary also features an all-new hand-drawn animated short from Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Mickey in a Minute,” and documents its animation process by Eric Goldberg, Mark Henn, and Randy Haycock.

The creators

“Mickey: A Mouse’s Story” is directed by award-winning filmmaker Jeff Malmberg and produced by OscarⓇ winner Morgan Neville, Meghan Walsh and Chris Shellen.

The documentary was produced by Caitrin Rogers, editing by Jake Hostetter, Aaron Wickenden, photography by Antonio Cisneros, sound design by Lawrence Everson and music by Daniel Wohl.

“Ninety-four years ago, Walt Disney created a mouse that would become one of the world’s most beloved characters,” said Marjon Javadi, vice president of Disney Original Documentary.

“We’re thrilled the world is seeing Mickey Mouse in a way they’ve never seen him before. Our team of award-winning filmmakers capture Mickey’s journey through the years and remind us why he’s had such an impact on we.

The teaser

This trailer was released at D23 Expo 2022 and features various short clips of Mickey throughout the years. There are also images of Walt.


A new poster was also released with the trailer:

when you can watch it

“Mickey: A Mouse’s Story” had its world premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival earlier this year and was also screened at this year’s Sun Valley Film Festival and Newport Summer Film Series, among others. .

Now, it will make its worldwide debut on Disney+ on November 18, 2022 – which is also Mickey Mouse’s birthday.

Will you be watching the documentary when it comes out on Disney+? Let us know in the comments.


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