Disney+ Sets Release Date for Big Hero 6 Sequel Baymax Series!


Baymax is back to save the world – one patient at a time. Scott Adsit reprises his role as the cuddly healthcare companion in Big Hero 6 spin-off series Baymax!, taking flight June 29 on Disney+. A sequel of Big Hero 6 the film, Disney’s 2014 adaptation of the Marvel comic book, Baymax! is the very first animated series from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Back in the fantasy town of San Fransokyo, every episode of the Disney+ Original series sees the bot-slash-health superhero use his special new features to help citizens in need. Series Update Disney+ landing page revealed the June 29 premiere date.

“We’re actually exploring more of the city of San Fransokyo, this huge, wonderful, rich canvas,” said creator Don Hall, Oscar-winning director of Big Hero 6said when announcing Baymax! on Disney Investor Day 2020. “The series really focuses on the original Baymax protocol of being a robot nurse.”

“Each episode we meet a new character: a patient that Baymax is going to help,” Hall added, calling the inflatable robot a “hero of the era” because of his “stubborn devotion to helping people.” In an upgrade of Big Hero 6Hall teased, Baymax “will have a new feature that will allow him to quickly roam the streets of San Fransokyo in search of patients”: wearable armor.

Baymax has already returned to Big Hero 6: The Series, the hand-drawn sequel series from Disney Television Animation that ran for three seasons on DisneyXD. 2014 Big Hero 6 introduced Baymax as the robotic creation of the late Tadashi (Daniel Henney), the older brother of robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter).

The Best Animated Feature Oscar winner teamed up with Baymax and Hiro as part of the technical superhero team Big Hero 6, made up of students from the San Fransokyo Go Go Institute of Technology (Jamie Chung), Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.), Fred (TJ Miller) and Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez).

Big Hero 6 and Big Hero 6: The Series are now streaming on Disney+. Baymax! airs Wednesday, June 29.


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