Doug Ford’s daughter continues to utter anti-vax beliefs and Ontario is done with


It looks like we can’t even go a full week without being subjected to more anti-vax madness from Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s eldest daughter Krista Haynes (née Ford) via Instagram.

The self-proclaimed 30-year-old “Jesus + Freedom” lover – who can probably stop posing as a policewoman on her private IG profile – must be a lot of fun at parties, but only the kind of parties thrown at the interior in mid-2020.

Less than a week after a sweaty cardio rant, his latest in a series of anti-vax ramblings includes a series of IG stories aimed at booster programs and vaccination warrants.

The posts add to his previous rants about the effectiveness of vaccines, vaccine passports and why people should wear poppies and not masks, and the shtick is really starting to age.

Haynes’ post of an obviously fake and satirical Pfizer loyalty card (with a free toaster after the seventh booster!) Has been mocked.

Several GIF and comments related to the toaster shed light on the ridiculousness of the situation, with Haynes continuing his vocal campaign against science, as his father faces regular briefings from experts on the rising number of cases and the worrying new variant of the omicron.

This was probably not Haynes’ intention, but some actually think a rewards program would be a good idea to induce inoculation.

Still, others would love to see different devices offered in this hypothetical rewards program, which clearly will never happen.

But the disconnected publication didn’t stop there. Haynes also shared a (three-page) letter from Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva saying employee vaccination data could be shared by the FBI with Chinese government officials.

This conspiracy theory is covered in detail by the Los Angeles Times, with FBI sources telling the media that such an arrangement does not exist.

And somehow, that doesn’t cover all of Haynes’ IG account nonsense since his last sweaty fit. In another excerpt from one of his controversial IG stories, Haynes is openly advocating for parents to deprive their children of vaccines.

It’s all remarkably unsurprising at this point, and it probably won’t be much longer before Haynes comes up with something else crazy to scratch our heads collectively.


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