DST render might just be this season’s anime loser


The spring cartoon season is in full swing right now, and fans are already vying for its best new series. Spy x Family has dominated this conversation since it went live, but it looks like another newcomer is ready to challenge for the top spot. After all, Daylight saving time rendering really comes into its own these days, and the underdog is one fans won’t want to miss.

If you don’t know the title, Daylight saving time rendering debuted in Japan a month ago on April 15. As of now, the show has yet to air outside of the country, but Disney+ plans to stream the anime as one of its exclusive titles. While having Disney as a streamer gives Daylight saving time rendering a massive distribution channel, it forced the anime to drop the industry’s usual simulcast schedule. So for now, the show has received little buzz since it is not broadcast in real time outside of Japan.

However, that hasn’t stopped overseas fans from singing the anime’s praises. Daylight saving time rendering is praised not only for its magnificent animation, but also for its gripping story. In fact, fans call the spring series a perfect blend of Higurashi: When they cry, Anohana, and more. After all, Daylight saving time rendering centers on a small-town murder that leaves our leads as paranoid as they are heartbroken, and those emotions make for a compelling watch.

For those who haven’t heard Daylight saving time rendering at all, the story began in October 2017 under writer Yasuki Tanaka. The manga tells the story of Shinpei Ajiro, a boy who grows up on a small island off the coast with two foster sisters after the death of his parents. He grows closer to Ushio and Mio but moves to Tokyo once he is older only to return when Ushio dies. After returning home, the boy discovers that his sister’s death may not have been an accident and sets out with Mio to find out what really happened while a dark curse threatens everyone on the small island.

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At this point, it is not known when Daylight saving time rendering will debut in the United States. This series marks the first exclusive anime license secured by Disney+, and its delayed premiere seems to follow Netflix’s controversial release schedule as opposed to those used by Crunchyroll, Funimation, etc.

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