‘Echo’ Explained: Who is ‘Echo’ in the comics? What to expect from the next MCU series?


After Echo’s partially villainous appearance in the popular Marvel Universe web series “Hawk Eye(2021), MCU is going to bring the Echo spin-off series, which can be seen as the sequel to Hawkeye. Echo is one of the fan-favorite MCU characters whose diversity has earned him special recognition. a deaf, Native American character we first met in “Hawkeye. Echo’s blossoming story has captivated fans from the beginning to its expansion, and its only goal succeeding in the end, which ” Hawkeye” had already shown at the show’s defining moment. But why “Echo” deserves a stand-alone series is up for debate.

Who is Echo in the comics?

Echo is a special superhero character that deserves an individual series because, first of all, there are very few disabled characters in Marvel that need cultivating. In this regard, given that Alaqua Cox is both Deaf and Native American in real life, Echo’s character struggle has become more authentic through her admirable performance.

Maya Lopez’s character, also known as Echo, made her first appearance in the 1999 issue of Daredevil #9. In the comics, we see Echo as a fierce martial artist and Daredevil’s partner, but she also has a tragic and inspiring story that led her to destroy a notorious big bad, Kingpin. Kingpin’s partner in crime, William Lopez, was Echo’s father, aka Maya Lopez. Little Maya was born deaf and had a supernatural talent called the photographic reflex. But to realize this talent that is unique to him, he needed a huge shock. When Kingpin killed Maya’s father, he adopted Maya at William’s last request. Her father’s bloody handprint left a mark on her face that became her signature look. However, Kingpin was aware of Maya’s deafness and special memory power, so he sent her to a special boarding school, where Maya learned her gifted skills and worked hard to master these powers. She became a good pianist and an artist who showed equal talent in dancing. But as she grew up, she became an accomplished martial artist who learned fighting skills similar to Daredevil and Bullseye just by watching their action videos. Impressed by this talent, Kingpin used her as a pawn to get revenge on Daredevil. Kingpin poisoned Maya’s heart with the grime of vengeful thoughts against Daredevil by lying that he was her father’s killer. Maya went in search of Daredevil for revenge. Although she had a romantic relationship with Matt Murdock, not knowing his identity as Daredevil, she didn’t hesitate to make her move to kill him. While fighting Daredevil, Maya noticed the scar on her face, which was similar to Matt’s. Maya realized that Daredevil was her boyfriend, Matt Murdock. Later, it was Matt who revealed to her and told her that Kingpin was her father’s real killer. Maya got her revenge by shooting Kingpin on the streets of New York, which blinded him. While in the comics, we’ve seen many times that Maya worked with the New Avengers. She was several times killed and resurrected as well. She was killed by Elektra, leader of The Hand, and later by Nefaria in Los Angeles. When she returns to Murdock, she experiences further heartbreak when she sees him involved with someone else.

Working as an undercover agent, she also worked indirectly with Wolverine and other Avengers like Clint Barton. According to the comics, Maya Lopez was the first Ronin to let Clint Barton become the next. Later, she was known as the leader of the Phoenix Force. She also made a small appearance in the moon knight comic book series where she worked as an undercover agent at a strip club to capture a West Coast criminal gang, but as Moon Knight intervened, a small romantic connection buzzed between them.

Hawkeye’s role in the 2021 series “Hawkeye”

In issue #11 of Brian Michael Bendis’ New Avengers, the first Ronin was Maya Lopez, who is shown in a complete reversal in the 2021 “Hawkeye” series. a gang called Tracksuit Mafia. As her story shows, she’s been missing a leg since childhood and instead had a mechanical one, despite being one hell of a fighter. But, here, the story is contrasted when Maya notices Ronin as her father’s killer. But in reality, it was Kingpin who advised Clint Barton to kill Will Lopez during Thanos’ post-snap period when Clint ditched his Hawkeye costume and became Ronin. However, Maya eventually learns the truth and shoots Kingpin to exact her revenge.

What to expect from the Echo spin-off series?

Since filming for the next Echo spin-off series has already wrapped, we’ll likely see “Echo” hit Disney screens soon in 2023. But the Marvel fandom has already started speculating and voicing different opinions. The whole fandom wants to see surprising cameos in the “Echo” series. With Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofri already set to return to Echo, we’re excited to see how Maya Lopez’s story will take shape. Since Clint Barton retired after handing over the responsibility of being Hawkeye to Kate Bishop, it’s safe to assume we could see Kate’s appearance in “Echo.” But since both of them have no shortage of revenge against Kingpin, we raised the expectation level for them to have a massive fight against Kingpin.

So far, the most disturbing of all the rumors is whether the Kingpin is still alive. The answer is yes, because we didn’t see Kingpin’s on-screen death at the very end; instead, we just received gunfire. According to the comics, Maya blinded him instead of killing him. So in the upcoming series we can see the Kingpin alive. His past involving Maya and the subsequent story of his supposed blindness will make the Kingpin a major sinister figure in the series. How much of Maya’s romantic relationship with Matt Murdock will be shown here, or how the story will unfold if shown, is highly debatable. On the contrary, the sight of Clint Barton as Ronin as the killer of Maya’s father has already put a twist on Echo’s story, so Matt Murdock’s appearance leaves us expecting a few surprises to come. Either we’re going to see a nice showdown between Maya and Matt, or they’re going to team up and attack the Kingpin together.

Some Avengers or other superhero or antihero appearances are also expected in this upcoming MCU series, like Wolverine in Moon Knight or Nefaria in Elektra, etc. However, it is hoped that the “Echo” series can not only build on the cameo, but we want a potential individual story from Maya Lopez as the series will move forward based on Echo. The presence of Echo’s Phoenix Force and the creation of a new storyline could make this series more appealing to audiences. With “Madagascar” and “Men in Black III” screenwriters Etan Cohen and Emily Cohen serving as editors, we can only expect a gripping storyline to be on the way.


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