Editorial Cartoon: April 15, 2022


Printed in the edition of April 15, 2022 on page A5 | Posted on April 15, 2022 | Last modification on April 14, 2022 at 10:05 a.m.

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  • Biden continues to blame Putin for the inflationary impact of policies imposed on us by those who control the West Wing. No one believes you Joe and a message will be sent to you in November.

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  • As I’ve said many times before, presidents get too much credit for a good economy and too much blame for a bad economy. Republicans and Democrats share responsibility for inflation due to unnecessary tax cuts (Republicans) and deficit spending (both). Maybe 5% of the current inflation rate is due to this. But it is a cumulative effect. The Russian-Ukrainian war came at an inopportune time, adding to inflationary pressures. Energy and food prices are strongly affected. Meanwhile, the pandemic and pandemic recovery continue to wreak havoc on prices. The policy will work against Democrats for two reasons. First, Republicans will hammer home an anti-Democratic message. Second, an uninquisitive electorate will only hear that. J2 is a messenger.

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  • RW doesn’t like facts, and so does those of us who deliver them to him and the readers of this blog. Instead, RW (funny how I live in his head) bases his thinking on his feelings, after all, he’s a Democrat. Let’s take a look at his constant whining about tax cuts. From his point of view, your income should be used as he and the Democrats see fit. The money they take is never enough, and “the fair share is never defined”. I saw recently that about 10% of high earners pay 70% of taxes and 40% of low earners pay no federal income tax. Many actually receive a tax credit on earned income, which means they are a net drain on the tax system. Now, the fact that these individual tax cuts resulted in a net increase in tax revenue also doesn’t make sense to RW. It’s beyond RW’s head, because he wants you to pay more of your money so he can feel better that the government is doing something to help the poor. From Policy: “The United States is experiencing the largest increase in income in 44 years despite the pandemic.
    Revenue jumped 18% in the fiscal year just ended, analysts said – the biggest one-year increase since 1977.”

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  • The political article is dated 10/12/21 and reflects revenue increases from evil Adolf Trump’s draconian tax cuts that benefited his Mar a Lago golf buddies……… …….. Wait ? They have also benefited me and I have never played golf at Mar a lago. What’s up with that?

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