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The Lawyer. March 3, 2022.

Editorial: Give Candidates a Hearing and Vote; don’t play childish games in the us senate

Which give? Government has always operated with some regard for politics, but it was something of a slam dunk when a president reappointed a senior official originally appointed by a predecessor from the other party.

That is no longer the case, and our own John N. Kennedy of Madisonville is one of the senators who are using schoolyard bullying tactics against President Joe Biden’s nominees for the presidential system. the Federal Reserve.

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We don’t know if we favor all of the nominations, because Louisiana’s interests are deeply tied to sound energy policy and some of Biden’s actions are actively hostile to that industry. The Fed’s jobs are monetary stability and full employment, not to view every decision through a climate change lens.

But whether we’re for them or against them, you can’t run a government with pettiness like a blockade against candidates who get a hearing and a vote.

Republicans on the Senate Banking Committee, including Kennedy, declined to run last month, even though the leading candidate was Jay Powell, who was first nominated by former President Donald Trump and reappointed by Biden. This prevented a vote on five candidates for the country’s central bank board of governors.

We have argued for many years that the appointments process is broken and corrupted by politics. Candidates for high government positions may or may not be confirmed, but they are usually highly qualified people with something to say. Both parties must commit to hearings.

When senators from the bank, or those from other committees, refuse a hearing, they are corrupting one of the normal processes of government.

Do we want this kind of children’s games in the United States Senate?

The big confirmation fights lately have been over the justices of the United States Supreme Court. Biden’s nomination of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is the next big battle.

We have no doubt that Kennedy, the Judiciary Committee as well as the Banks, will be a critical questioner. We hope he will reflect, as he should have on the banking fiasco, on what the appointment consent process is for. This is not about denying a president well-qualified candidates. Our old-fashioned view is that a judge’s opinions should not be turned into the political circuses we’ve seen too many times.

Whether a judge answers liberal or conservative litmus tests isn’t always a good guide to how he’ll decide many cases, though that correlation is closer than many around the world ever imagined. today’s highly partisan politics.

What’s most important is that the Senate consent to qualified candidates, not engage in the kind of political game that denied a high court seat to a highly qualified Merrick Garland in 2016 – another Republican blockade shame that is to the eternal discredit of GOP leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Like too many senators these days – Kennedy, are you listening? “McConnell seems impervious to shame.

Jackson has served on the bench for the District of Columbia and on the United States Court of Appeals which is arguably the second highest in the nation. Is she qualified and competent? This is the one issue that Kennedy and the Republicans, as well as the Democrats, should be focusing on.

And no more blockades, please.

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