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The Lawyer. November 21, 2021.

Editorial: Don’t worry about Louisiana drivers, improving road conditions are on the way

Louisiana drivers don’t need outside experts to tell them that the driving conditions are less than ideal. So they’re unlikely to be surprised that a new report documents just how much.

According to the Reason Foundation, the state ranks 49th for interstate urban conditions and 45th for the number of structurally deficient bridges. Data previously released by the US Department of Transportation rated 1,634 bridges and 3,411 miles of roads in Louisiana as “in poor” condition.

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Lack of resources is the main culprit, the Reason Foundation said.

But things could get better soon. After resisting calls to increase gasoline taxes to pay for road improvements – our preferred but politically unpleasant solution – the legislature voted this year to divert an annual amount of $ 300 million from the general fund from the state to the cause.

Then there’s the newly signed federal infrastructure bill that allocates $ 110 billion nationwide for roads and bridges, some existing spending and some additional, and specifies $ 40 billion. new silver dollars for the bridges alone. The new state investment will help here as some projects require local adaptation.

Louisiana may not increase much in the national rankings as conditions in each state will surely improve, but that really isn’t the point. The important comparison is what we will have then versus what we have now.

For the drivers who ride our substandard roads every day, there is no other place to go but to ride.

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