Epic Games Awards Epic MegaGrant to Spirit Animations’ “Celeste” Anime Series


Brazilian global creative studio Spirit Animation has received an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games for its animated series Celestial. This follows worldwide recognition of the strength of the project, being part of the 10 most viewed content at MipJunior (Cannes), winner of Brazil’s Petrobras Production Fund competition and recently selected for the pitch of the 2022 international market of RIO2C.

Epic’s MegaGrant will be used to produce the series’ first episode, with all vocals recorded at Audioworks in New York. Spirit speaks to potential co-producers to join the animated series (10 episodes of 22 minutes each), following the journey of Celeste and her father figure Dragon as they help a diverse kingdom look at life from a different perspective, more bright, perspective.

Spirit Animation Founder and COO and the show’s creator-writer-director-and-executive producer Fernando Macedo said, “This episode will also work as a standalone TV special, leaving audiences curious about explore the other stories of this lovely pair.”

“Epic’s Unreal Engine for real-time rendering and animation production is the way of the future, as quality increases day by day, while strengthening production pipelines and workflows. We are paving the way for an upcoming feature film that will be produced entirely with Epic’s technology,” added Cleber Coutinho, Spirit Animation’s producing partner and co-director of the show.

Spirit’s upcoming releases include the anime series It will be alright (2022), produced with Brazil Children’s Hospital for Cancer Erastinho; Charles season three, Karl Babies season two and the spooky direct-to-tv feature Mystery Tales of Ketchup Jackall part of his franchise Charleswith over two billion views worldwide (Disney XD, Amazon Prime, Wildbrain Spark, Youku).


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